Write the opposite statement of the following : a. 10 feet below sea level b. A 600 point raise in the sensex c. A pay cut of Rs. 500 d. Weight gain of 6 kg e. `20^(@)C` above `0^(@)C` f. 200 m above sea level g. Gain of Rs. 50 h. Opposite of +380

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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a. 10 feet above sea level b. A 600 point drop in the sensex c. A pay raise of Rs. 500 d. Weight loss of 6 kg e.


f. 200 m below sea level g. Loss of Rs. 50 h. -380


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hello everyone the question say that write the opposite is statement of the following OK I will be light on the positive statement of each of the parts so here are the first part is that if a the opposite is statement of party wear the statement given understand feet below sea level is calculated as 10 feet above sea level ok and B Patil r60 point where is in the census is conducted in a 60 point down in Samsung ok Si part is given a pay cut off rupees 500 so this can be written as a pay

a rupees 500 part is given as weight gain of 6 kg weight on the displacement of this weight loss weight gain of scary ok so weight loss of 6 kg 20 degrees above zero degree celsius part 20 degree Celsius below zero degree celsius next one is given i20 AC level so 220 is below sea level 10 Ex 1g Part gain of rupees 50 let me say we will write loss of rupees 50 opposite of

318 opposite means the opposite of sin same A + 38 special thank you

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