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Question From class 12 Chapter MAXIMA AND MINIMA

Write sufficient conditions for a point to be a point of local maximum.

Write necessary condition for a point to be an extreme point of the function .
The function has, (a) no point of local maxima (b) no point of local minima (c) exactly one point of local minima (d) exactly one point of local maxima
Let f and g be two differentiable functions defined from . If f(x) has a local maximum at has a local minimum at , then (A) has a local maximum at x = c (B) has a local minimum at x = c (C) is monotonic at x = c 1.a g(x) (D) has a point of inflection at x = c
If then is a point of local maximum, if is odd local minimum, if is odd local maximum, if is even local minimum, if is even
Then at has (a)a local maximum (b) no local maximum (c)a local minimum (d) no extremum
if where f(x) is a continuous function such that for all and [.] denotes greatest integer function then which of the following statements is always true ? (A) If x=a is a point of local minima then (B) if x = a is a point of local maxima then (C) If is a pioint of local minima then (D) If is a point of local maximka then
If the function has a local maximum at the point (2,10), then
For the function is a point of maximum (b) is a point of minimum (c) maximum value > minimum value (d) maximum value < minimum value
Let where . Find the smallest integral value of a for which f(x) has a positive point of local maximum.
A function is such that at in for Which of the following does not hold good? The graph of has a local maximum point at The graph of has a point of inflection at The graph of has a local minimum point at The graph of has a local minimum point at </x<<2\>
Using examples, prove that the condition is neither a necessary nor a sufficient condition for a function to have a maximum or a minimumat a point.
For a simple harmonic motion with given angular frequency , two arbitrary initial conditions are necessary and sufficient to determine the motion completely. These initial conditions may be
The graph of y = f' (x) is shown. Find the point of local maxima, local minima and the point of inflection of f(x). <br> <img src="https://d10lpgp6xz60nq.cloudfront.net/physics_images/CEN_GRA_C01_E01_015_Q01.png" width="80%">
APPLICATION OF DERIVATIVES | MAXIMA AND MINIMA, TESTS FOR LOCAL MAXIMUM/MINIMUM, TESTS FOR GLOBAL MAXIMUM/MINIMUM, POINT OF INFLECTION, PROPERTIES OF MAXIMA AND MINIMA | Maximum and minimum value of function in its domain, Find maximum and minimum value; if any; for for all , Local maximum and local minimum and condition for it, Condition of extremum, First derivative test for local maxima and minima (method and how it comes), Higher order derivative test, Find all the points of local maxima and minima of the , Global Maximum and Minimum and the required condition, Point of inflection and point of inflexion, Properties of maxima and minima
If attains a local minimum at , then write the values of and .

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