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Question From class 10 Chapter QUADRATIC EQUATIONS

While boarding an aeroplane, a passenger got hurt. The pilot showing promptness and concern, made arrangements to hospitalise the injured and so the plane started late 30 minutes to reach the destination, 1500 km away in time, the pilot increased the speed by 100 km/hr. Find the original speed/hour of the plane.

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A plane left 30 minutes late than its scheduled time and in order to reach the destination1500 km away in time, it had to increase the speed by 250 km/h from the usual speed.Find its usual speed.
An aeroplane started 30 minutes later than the scheduled time from a place 1500 km away from its destination. To reach the destination at the scheduled time the plot had to increase the sped by 250 km/hr. what was the speed of the aeroplane per hour during the journey?
5. After covering a distance of 30 km with a uniform speed there is some defect in train engine and therefore, its speed is reduced to 4/5 of its original speed. Consequently, train reaches its destination late by 45 minutes. Had it happened after covering 18 km more, reached 9 minutes earlier. Find the speed of the train and the distance of covered.
The speed of a boat in still water is 15 km/hr. It can go 30 km upstream and return downstream to the original point in 4 hours 30 minutes. Find the speed of the stream.
A person reaches his destination 40 minutes late if his speed is 3 km/hr and reaches 30 minutes before time if his speed is 4 km/hr. Find the distance of his destination from his starting point.
a bus started its journey from Ramgrh and reached Devgarh in 44 minutes at its average speed of 50 km/hr. I the average speed of the bus is increased by 5 km/hr, how much time will it take to cover the same distance? b. c. d. e. 49 min
An aeroplane flies from place A to place B at the speed of 500 km/hr. On the return journey , its speed is 700 km/hr. The average speed of the aeroplane for the entire journey is b. c. d.
Two sea trawlers left a sea port simultaneously in two mutually perpendicular directions. Half an hour later, the shortest distance between them was 17 kin, and another 15 minutes later, one sea trawler was 10.5 km farther from the origin than the other. Find the speed of each sea trawler. a. 16 km/hr, 30 km/hr        b. 18 km/hr 24 km/hr    c. 20 km/hr, 22 km/hr         d. 18 km/hr, 36 km/hr
Speed of stream is ukm/hr and speed of current is v km/hr then time taken by man to cross the river is equal to cover the distance between two banks of river in u km/hr
A motorboat in still water travels at a speed of 36 km/hr. It goes 56 km upstream in 1 hour 45 minutes. The time taken by it to cover the same distance down the stream will be a. b. c. d.
a trip to a destination is made in the following way 900 km by train at an average speed of 60 km/hr, 3000 km by plane at an average speed of 500 km/hr, 400 km by boat at an average speed f 25 km/hr, 15 km by taxi at an average sped o f45 km/hr. what is the average speed for the entire journey?
An aeroplane flying horizontally , 1km above the ground , is observed at an elevation of ,after 10 seconds , its elevation is observed to be . Find the speed of the aeroplane in km/hr.
A motorist travels to a place 150 km away at an average speed of 50 km/hr and returns at 30 km/hr. His average speed for the whole journey in km/hr is (a) 35       (b) 37       (c) 37.5        (d) 40
and take part in a 100 m race. runs at 5 km an hour. gives a start of 8 m and still beats him by 8 seconds. The speed of is (a) 4.45 km/hr (b) 4.14 km/hr (c) 4.15 km/hr (d) 4.25 km/hr
The speed of a boat in still water is 15 km / hr and the rate of current is 3 km / hr. The distance travelled downstream in 12 minutes is b. c. d.
A man takes 3 hours 45 minutes to row a boat 15 km downstream of a river and 2 hours 30 minutes to cover a distance of 5 km upstream. Find the speed of the river current in km/hr.
Deepa rides her bike at an average speed of 30 km/hr and reaches her destination in6 hours. Hema covers the same distance in 4 hours. If Deepa increases her average speed by 10 km/hr and Hema increases her average speed by 5 km/hr what would be the difference in their time taken to reach the destination? b. c. d. e. none of these
If a boat goes 7 km upstream in 42 minutes and the speed of the stream is 3 kmph, then the speed of the boat in still water is: a. b. c. d.
Sagar and Aakash ran a 2 km race twice. Aakash completed the first round 2 minutes earlier than Sagar. In the seconds round Sagar increased his speed by and Aakash reduced his speed by Sagar finished 2 minutes earlier than Aakash. Find their speeds of running in the first round.

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