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Question From class 14 Chapter VOLUME AND SURFACE AREAS

Which one of the following figures will generate a cone when rotated about one of its straight edges? (a) An equilateral triangle       (b) A sector of a circle (c) A segment of a circle      (d) A right-angled triangle

A circle, a square and an equilateral triangle have the same area. The correct increasing order of the perimeters will be (a) triangle, square, circle     (b) triangle, circle, square (c) circle, triangle, square     (d) circle, square, triangle
Incentre of a triangle lies in the interior of: (A) an isosceles triangle only (B) a right angled triangle only (C) any equilateral triangle only (D) any triangle
A circumcircle is a circle which passes through all vertices of a triangle and an incircle is a circle which is inscribed in a triangle touching all sides of a triangle. Let ABC be a right angled triangle whose radius of circumcircle is 5 and its one side AB = 6. The radius of incircle of triangle ABC is r. The value of r is
The complex numbers form the vertices of a (A) a right angled triangle (B) isosceles triangle (C) equilateral triangle (D) triangle whose one of the sides is of length 8
The solid formed when a right triangle is rotated about one of the sids containing the right angle in a _____
The points are (a) vertices of an equilateral triangle (b) vertices of a right angled triangle (c) vertices of an isosceles triangle (d) collinear
The straight lines , and form (A) an isosceles triangle (B) an equilateral triangle (C) a scalene triangle (D) a right angled triangle
The points and are (a) vertices of an equilateral triangle (b) vertices of an isosceles triangle (c) vertices of a right-angled triangle (d) collinear
Which of the following has an infinite number of lines of symmetry? (a)   Equilateral triangle                (b) Isosceles triangle (c)   Regular hexagon                   (d) Circle
In any triangle ABC if , then the triangle is(A) Right angled (C) Isosceles (B) Equilateral (D) None of these
The three points are the vertices of (a) an isosceles triangle (b) an equilateral triangle (c) a right-angled triangle (d) none of these
RIGHT TRIANGLE A triangle whole one angle is a right angle is called a right-angled triangle or right triangle.
A square and an equilateral triangle have the same perimeter. Let A be the area of the circle circumscribed about the square and B be the area of the circle circumscribed about the triangle then the ratio is
is a right angled triangle, right angled at such that and . A circle with centre is inscribed in . The radius of the circle is (a) 1cm (b) 2cm (c) 3cm (d) 4cm
An equilateral triangle has a circle inscribed in it and is circumscribed by a circle. There is another equilateral triangle inscribed in the inner circle. Find the ratio of the areas of the outer circle and the inner equilateral triangle.

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