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Question From class 6 Chapter WHOLE NUMBERS

Which of the following statements are true (T) and which are false (F)?(a) Zero is the smallest natural number. (b) 400 is the predecessor of 399. (c) Zero is the smallest whole number.   (d) 600 is the successor of 599. (e) All natural numbers are whole numbers. (f) All whole numbers are natural numbers. (g) The predecessor of a two digit number is never a single digit number. (h) 1 is the smallest whole number. (i) The natural number 1 has no predecessor. (j) The whole number 1 has no predecessor. (k) The whole number 13 lies between 11 and 12.(l) The whole number 0 has no predecessor.(m) The successor of a two digit number is always a two digit number

Solution :

(a) false <br> (b) false <br> (c) true <br> (d) true <br> (e) is a whole no but not a natural number, true <br> (f) since is not a natural no, false <br> (g) false <br> (h) smallest whole no is false <br> (i) is nt a natural no, true <br> (j) since 0 is a whole no , false <br> (k) false <br> (l) since is not a whole no, true<br> (m) successor of is false <br> answers

(v) All whole numbers are not natural numbers. For example 0 is whole number but it is not a natural number.
(iv) All natural numbers are whole numbers.
(iv) All natural numbers are whole numbers.
Are all natural numbers also whole numbers?
Between which two whole numbers on the number line are the given numbers lie?  Which of these whole numbers is nearer the number? (a) 0.8     (b) 5.1    (c) 2.6     (d) 6.4     (e) 9.1   (f) 4.9
All natural numbers and 0 are called the …… numbers. rational    (b)  integer         (c)  whole     (d)  price
The number of whole numbers between the smallest whole number and the greatest 2-digit number is 101      (b)     100          (c)   99              (d)  98
Consider the following statements about natural numbers: There exists a smallest natural number. There exists a largest natural number. Between two natural numbers, there is always a natural number. Which of the above statements is/are correct? None       (b)  Only1       (c)  1 and 2    (d)  2 and 3
CLOSURE PROPERTY If are two whole numbers then is also a whole number. In other words the sum of any two whole numbers is a whole number or whole numbers are closed for addition.
Find the number of all three digit natural numbers which are divisible by 9.
Are all whole numbers also natural numbers?
The number of natural numbers smaller than of which all digits are different, is
Are the following statements true or false? Give reasons for your answer? Every whole number is a natural number Every integer is a rational number. Every rational number is an integer. Every natural number is a whole number. Every integer is a whole number Every rational number is a whole number
The mean of three numbers is 40. All the three numbers are different natural numbers. If lowest is 19, what could be highest possible number of remaining two numbers?
The sum of all natural numbers less than 400 which are NOT divisible by 6, is

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Property of natural numbers

(i) The first and the smallest natural number is 1.

(ii) Every natural number (except 1) can be obtained by adding 1 to the previous natural number.

(iii) For the natural number 1 there is no previous natural number

(iv) There is no last or greatest natural number.

(v) We cannot complete the counting of all natural numbers. We express this fact by saying that there are infinitely many natural numbers.

The number zero

(i) The number 0 is the first and the smallest whole number.

(ii) There in no last or greatest whole number.