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What part of a revolution have you turned through if you stand facing(a) east and turn clockwise to face north?(b) south and turn clockwise to face east?(c) west and turn clockwise to face east?

Solution :

1)Total revolution=3/4 of total circle<br> 2)Total revolution=3/4 of total circle<br> 3)Total revolution=1/2 of total circle.

How many right angles do you make if you start facing (a) south and turn clockwise to west? (b) north and turn anti-clockwise to east? (c) west and turn to west? (d) south and turn to north?
Which direction will you face if you start facing (a) east and make of a revolution clockwise? (b) east and make of a revolution clockwise? (c) west and make of a revolution anti-clockwise? (d) south and make one full revolution? (Should we specify clockwise or anti-clockwise for this last question? Why not?)
A biased die is tossed and the respective probabilities for various faces to turn up are <br> <br> If an even face has turned up, then the probability that it is face 2 or face 4, is
State the kind of angle, in each case, formed between the following directions: (i)East and west                  (ii) East and north (iii)North and north-east      (iv) North and south-east
While facing East, I turn to my left and walk 10 m, then turn to my left and walk 10 m. Now, I turn 45 degrees towards any right in North-West direction and cover 25 m . At this point, in which direction am I from my starting point ?
Represent graphically<br> i. a displacement of 40 km, west of south ii 60 km, east of north iii.50 km south east.
A train is moving towards north. At one place it turn towards north -east. Here, we observe that:
Consider east as positive x-axis, north as positive y-axis and vertically upward direction as z-axis. A helicopter first rises up to an altitide of than flies straight in north and then suddenly takes a turn towards east and travels east. What is position vector of helicopter ? (Take starting point as origin)
Represent the following graphically:<br> i.A displacement of 40 km, east of north ii.A displacement of 50 km south east iii.A displacement of 70 km, north of west
Point P is 5m towards the South of Point M. Point Q is 3m towards the East of Point P . Point O is 3m towards the East of Point M. Point N is 2 m towards the South of Point Q. <br> A person , facing North, takes a left turn from point M, walks 4 m and stops . He then another left turn, walks 5 m and stops at point R. Which of the following points, including R, fall in a straight line ?
Where will the hand of a clock stop if it (a) starts at 12 and makes of a revolution, clockwise? (b) starte at 2 and makes of a revolution, clockwise? (c) starts at 5 and makes of a revolution, clockwise? (d) starts at 5 and makes of a revolution, clockwise?
A man walks 12m east from point A and reaches point B. From point B he talks left turn and walks 4m and then he talks right turn and walked 6m and again he takes right turn and walks 7m and again takes right turn and reaches point M, then what is the distance between B and M ?
A car going north-east at and another car is going south-east at The direction of the velocity of relative to makes an angle with the north equal to:
Dipak walks from point P 15 m to the east to reach point Q. then he takes right turn and walks for 20 m to reach point R. now he takes a left turn and walks for 15m to reach point S. now he takes a left turn and walks for 10 m to reach point T. then he takes a right turn and walks for 5 m to reach point V. now ke takes a left turn and walks for 10m to reach point W. <br> If X is 5m to the north of V. then point Q is at what distance and in which direction with respect to point X ?
You are standing in class-room facing north. In what direction are you facing after making a quarter turn?

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