What is triangle?

Updated On: 23-5-2020

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What is pedal triangle In acute angle triangle (orthocenter of ABC is Incenter of Pedal Triangle.)?
(1)What is Circumcenter and Circumcircle of Triangle (2) What are the Position of Circumcentre wrt type of triangle ?
18. lf in triangle PQR, PR 25 cm, PQ 24 cm andQR 7 cm. What type of triangle is PQR
What is the height of the reiangle ? <br> I. It is a right-angled triangle. <br> II. The area of the triangle is 5 times its base.
What is the Distance of Circumcenter from vertex of triangle ?
What is the difference between a triangle and triangular region?
एक त्रिभुज का लंब केंद्रे कौन- सा बिंदु होता है
Do bindu (3,2), (- 2, -3) and (2,3) form a triangle.? If yes, tell what type of triangle is formed.
Do the points form a triangle? If so, name the type of triangle formed.
यदि एक त्रिभुज के तीनो कोण और तो त्रिभुज क्या हे।
The area of rectangle is twice the area of a triangle. The p"rimeter of the rectangle is 58 cm. What is the area of the triangle ?
A circle is inscribed in an equilateral triangle. If the in-radius is 21 cm, what is the area of the triangle?
एक समकोणीय त्रिभुज का एक कोण है और कर्ण 1 मी हैं त्रिभुज का क्षेत्रफल वर्ग से मी में कितना है?

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FAQs on Triangles

What is triangle?

Sides and Angles of triangle

Types of triangle on the basis of Side

Types of triangle on the basis of angles

The sum of the three angles of a triangle is

If two parallel lines intersected by a transversal; prove that the bisectors of the two pairs of interior angle encloses a rectangle.

The sum of two angles of a triangle is equal to its third angle. Determine the measure of third angle.

In a ; if ; Determine

A triangle ABC is right angled at A. AL is drawn perpendicular to BC. Prove that

In and bisector of meets BC at a point D. find

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