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Question From class 11 Chapter SETS

What is Power Sets ? (Explain with examples)

What is Universal Sets ? (Explain with examples)
Explain Empty Sets ; Finite sets and Infinite sets with examples..
Explain Equivalent sets and equal sets with examples
Explain Union of sets with diagram & examples ?
Explain Intersection of sets with diagram & examples ?
विधुत –अपघटन की क्रियाविधि उपयुक्त उदाहरण सहित समझाइए।
What is a transcription? Explain with examples.
सम्बहुलकीकरण क्या है? उदहारण सहित समझाइए।
What is Cartesian product of 2 sets ? (explain with example)
What is Cartesian product of 3 sets ?(explain with example)
What is meant by atomicity ? Explain with two examples.
What is metamerism? Explain metamerism with suitable examples of ethers.
What is palindrome in DNA? Explain with an examples.
क्रॉसिंग ओवर क्या है ? उदाहरण सहित समझाइए।
अन्योन्यता प्रसंकरण क्या है? उपयुक्त उदाहरण सहित समझाइए।

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What is sets in general collection of things

Sets in mathematics sets as natural number; whole number; real number)

Representation of Sets in Rosters form

Representation of sets in set-builder form

Conversion of roster form in set builder form

Conversion of set builder form in roster form

Some examples to identify the type of set ?

Explain Empty Sets ; Finite sets and Infinite sets with examples..

Explain Equivalent sets and equal sets with examples

What are the elements of a subset ?