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Question From class 14 Chapter Heights and distances

Values of trigonometric ratios at 0: 30: 45:60 and 90. (i)

Verify each of the following : <br> <br> <br> <br>
Prove that:
Find the value of the following: <br> <br> (Ii)
If it right to say
Find the value of in each of the following: (i) , (ii) , (iii)
Show that : <br>
Find the values of the following: <br> <br> (Ii) <br> (iii) <br> (iv) <br> (v)
find the value of
Find the value of .
Evaluate each of the following : <br>
Trigonometric ratios of
Show that <br> <br> <br>
Evaluate : <br> <br> .

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Trigonometric ratios(sin:cos:tan:cot:sec:cosec) Example1: A triangle ABC AC=5cm, BC=4cm,AB=3cm and right angled at B.

Trigonometric identities (i)

Values of trigonometric ratios at 0: 30: 45:60 and 90. (i)

Angle of elevation and depression, Example-1 The angle of elevation of the sun , when the length of the shadow of a tree is times the height of the tree, is

Problems based on finding the angle of elevation/depression Ex- If the height of the pole is meters and the length of the shadow is 2 meters, find the angle of the elevation of the sun

Problems in which a ladder is leaning against a wall making some angle; ex-1 The ladder is leaning against the wall makes an angle of with the ground. If the length of the ladder is 19m , find the length of the foot of the ladder from the wall.

Problems of finding the height of tower if angle of elevation is changing on walking away/towards the tower.; ex-1 The angle of the elevation of the top of the tower at a point on the ground is . On walking 24m towards the tower the angle of elevation changes from . Find the height of the tower.

Problems based on finding the breadth of the river; exp-1 A man standing on the bank of the river observes that the angle subtended by the tree on the opposite bank is . When he retires m from the bank, he found the angle to be . What is the breadth of the river.

A man on the top of a tower: standing on the seashore: finds that a boat coming towards him takes 10 min for the angle of depression to change from to . Find the time taken by the boat to reach the shore from this position

Miscellaneous; Ex-1 There are two temples , one on each bank of the river just opposite to each other. One temple is m high.From the top of this temple. the angle of the depression of the top and the foot of the other temple is and respectively. Find the width of the river and the height of the other temple.