Using vectors show that the points A(-2,3,5),B(7,0,-1)C(-3,-2,-5) and D(3,4,7) are such that A B and C D intersect at the point P(1,2,3)dot

Updated On: 16-5-2020

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<br> So,

are collinear.<br> Now,


<br> So,

are collinear.<br> It means


intersects at point


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Prove that the point and are collinear.
Using section formula, prove that the points A(-2, 3, 5), B(1,2,3) and C(7,0, -1) are collinear.
Using vector method, prove that the following points are collinear: A(-3,-2-5),B(1,2,3)and C(3,4,7)
Using the section formula, prove that the three pints are collinear.
Using section formula show that the points are collinear:
Show that the points are collinear.
In Fig. 9.32, ABCD is a parallelogram and BC is produced to a point Q such that . If AQ intersect DC at P, show that
Show that the points are such that interesect at the point
(i) Using section formula, show that the points A(-2, 3,5), B(1,2,3) and C(7,0,-1) are collinear. <br> (ii) Using division formula, prove that the points (2,3,4),(-1,-2,1) and (5,8,7) are collinear.
Show that And Align.
Using vectors, find the value of x such that the four points A(x,5,-1), B(3,2,1), C(4,5,5) and D(4,2,-2) are coplanar.
Diagonals AC and BD of a quadrilateral ABCD intersect each other at P. Show that
In Figure are two points on such that Show that
Show that the points A(1,2,3), B(-1,-2,-1), C(2,3,2), D(4,7,6) are the vertices of a parallelogram.
Show that the following points are collinear : <br> (i) (0,7,-7), (1,4,-5), (-1, 10,-9) <br> (ii) (3,-5,1), (-1,0,8), (7,-10,-6) <br> (iii) (-2,3,5),(7,0,-1),(1,2,3)

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