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Question From class 6 Chapter MENSURATION

Units of measurement of length.

Various units of measurement of area.
The units of measurement of ……………….. And …………….. Are called …………….. .
If units of measurement of two system are in the ratio 2 : 1, then the ratio of units of angular momentum in the two system willl be :
Give one example where precise measurement of length is important.
Units of Length
Change of units does not change the number of significant figure in a measurement. Is it true ?
CBSE Board Class 11 UNITS AND MEASUREMENT || Weightage and Important Topics
ERROR ANALYSIS | Units And Measurement | JEE MAINS 2020/NEET 2020/Class 11 Physics
What is the reliability of measurement of length using a metre scale ?
The mean length of an object is . Which of the following measurement is most accurate?
Which one of the following intruments is not used for the measurement of length?
In the simple pendulum experiment the error in measurement of the pendulum length is 2% and the error in the measurement of periodicity is 3%. The maximum percentage error in measurement of g will be:
The pressure on a square plate is measured by measureing the force on the plate and the length of measurement of force and length are respectively 4% and 2%, the maximum error in the measurement of pressure is-
What is the maximum percentage error? <br> (a) In measurement of kinetic energy if the percentage error in mass and speed are and , respectively. <br> (b) In measurement of pressure if maximum errors in the measurement of force and length of square plate are and , respectively. <br> In measurement of time period of simple pendulum if the percentage error in measurement of length and acceleraton due to gravity are respectively and
If the length of a rectangle is reduced by 5 units and its breadth is increased by 2 units then the area of the rectangle is reduced by 80 sq units. However, if we increase its length by 10 units and decrease the breadth by 5 units, its area increased by 50 sq units. Find the length and breadth of the rectangle.

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The size of a line segment is its length.

Units of measurement of length.

Closed curve a curve having the same beginning and ending point is called a closed curve.

Simple curve a curve is a simple curve if it does not cross itself.

Simple closed curve a curve having the same beginning and ending point and which does not cross itself is called a simple closed curve.

Interior region the portion of the plane inside the curve or bounded by the curve is called the interior region.

Exterior region the portion of the plane outside the curve is called the exterior region.


Perimeter the length of the boundary of a closed figure is known as its perimeter.