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Question From class 8 Chapter Comparing Quantities

Two times a number is a 100% increase in the number. If we take half the number what would be the decrease in per cent!

यदि एक संखया के 25% बढ़ाया जाता है और बड़ाई गई संख्या का पुनः 25% घटाया जाता है, तो संख्या में प्रतिशत की कमी या वृद्धि क्या होगी ?
If the diploid number of a flowring plant is 36. what would be the chromosome number in its endosperm
If the diploid number of a flowering plant is 36. <br> What would be the chromosome number in its endosperm ?
The number of turns in secondary coil of a transformer is 100 times the number of turns in primary coil. What is the transformer ratio ?
if the diploid number of flowering plant is 36, what would be the chromosome number in its endosperms?
दो आसमान संख्याओं मे प्रत्येक संख्या से छोटी संख्या का आधा घटाया जाता है। तब जो संख्याए प्राप्त हुए उनमे बड़ी संख्या छोटी संख्या की पांच गुणा है। तो बड़ी संख्या व छोटी संख्या का अनुपात ज्ञात करे।
What would happen to be Market Equilibrium of a good if decrease in demand is equal to increase in supply.
Formulae for finding increase or decrease per cent :
The product of one-third of a number and 150% of anothelr number is what per cent of the product of the original numbers?
The digits of a two-digit number differ by 3 If the digits are interchanged and the resulting number is added to the original number we get 143 What can be the original number
If haploid number is 10, what would be the number of monosomic and tetrasomic conditions
यदि तीन अंकों की संख्या में अंतिम दो अंकों के स्थान को आपस में बदल दिया जाये, तो एक नयी संख्या बनती है जो कि मूल संख्या से 45 अधिक होगी। उस संख्या के अंतिम दो अंकों के बीच अंतर क्या होगा?
एक संख्या में 20% वृद्धि से प्राप्त परिणाम तथा उसी संख्या में 25% की कमी से से प्राप्त परिणाम का अंतर 36 है । संख्या ज्ञात करे ?
तीन संख्याओं में प्रथम संख्या’ दितीय संख्या की दो गुनी है तथा दितीय संख्या ततीय संख्या की तीन गुनी है। यदि तीनों संख्याओं का औसत 10 है सबसे बडी संख्या ज्ञात करें।
A number is doubled and half of the number is added to it. If 10 is substracted from the result, then we get a number which is one less than the original number. Find the original number

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FAQs on Comparing Quantities


percent The word percent is an abbreviation of the Latin phase per centum which means per hundred or hundredths.

Percent as a fraction

Percent as a ratio

Percent in decimal form

Percent of given number

of 25 students are good at mathematics. How many are not good at it ?

A nursery has 5000 plants. of the planets are roses and are mango plants. What is the total number of other plants?

A man loses of his money. After spending of the remainder he has Rs 480.00 left. How much money did he originally have ?

If in a city like cricket like football and remaining like other games. What percent like the other games? If the total number of people is 56 lakhs find the exact number who like each type of game.

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