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Question From class 11 Chapter ELLIPSE

Two concentric ellipses are such that the foci of one are on the other and their major axes are equal. Let e and e' be their eccnetricities. Then ,

the quadrilateral formed by joining the foci of the two ellipe is a parallelogram

the angle between their axes is give by

If , then the angle between th axes of the two ellipse is

none of these

Solution :

Celeary, O is the midpoint of SS' and HH' <br><img src="https://d10lpgp6xz60nq.cloudfront.net/physics_images/CEN_CG_C06_E07_012_S01.png" width="80%"> <br> Therfore, the disagonals of quadrilateral HSH'S'' bisect each other. So it is a parallelogram. <br> The point H lies on <br> (Suppose) <br> <br> <br> or <br> or <br> or <br> For , <br> <br>

Two equal parabolas have the same vertex and their axes are at right angles. Prove that their common tangent touches each at the end of their latus recta.
Two numbers are such that their difference, their sum and their product are to one another as 1:7:24. The product of the two numbers is a. 6           b. 48         c. 12           d. 24
Two triangles are congruent if two angles and the included side of one triangle are equal to the corresponding two angles and the included side of the other triangle. GIVE : Two and such that and TO PROVE :
Two different natural numbers are such that their product is less than their sum one of the numbers must be a. 21            b. 28         c. 37          d. 51
are points on equal sides of an isosceles triangle such that Prove that are concyclic.
are points on equal sides of an isosceles triangle such that . Prove that are concylic.
A series of concentric ellipses are drawn such that E touches the extremities of the major axis of , and the foci of coincide with the extremities of minor axis of If the eccentricity of the ellipses is independent of n, then the value of the eccentricity, is (A) (B) (C) (D)
Fill in the blanks using the correct word given in brackets: Two triangles are similar, if their corresponding angles are ...... (proportional, equal) Two triangles are similar, if their corresponding sides are ....... (proportional, equal) (iii) Two polygons of the same number of sides are similar, if (a) their corresponding angles are and (b) their corresponding sides are ........ (equal, proportional).
Circumference of two circles are equal. Is it necessary that their areas be equal ? Why ?
Find two numbers such that their difference ,sum and product are to one another as 1,7, 24.
Find two numbers such that one of them exceeds the other by 9 and their sum is 81.
Let are the foci of the hyperbola and are the foci of its conjugate hyperbola. If and are their eccentricities respectivley then the statement which holds true is: A) Their equations of the asymptotes are different B) C) Area of the quadrilateral formed by their foci is 50 sq. units D) Their auxillary circles will have the same equation
Areas of two circles are equal. Is it necessary that their circumferences are equal ? Why ?
If the lengths of semi major and semi minor axes of an ellipse are 2 and and their corresponding equation are then write the equation of the ellipse.
If are two positive real numbers such that their sum is one, then the maximum value of l is-
If two chord of a circle (or of congruent circles) are equal, then their corresponding arcs. (minor, major or semi-circular) are congruent.
Two numbers and are such that and their highest common factor is Then
(iii) In a right triangle the other two angles are acute and their sum is .
Three circles are such that each touch the other two externally. The common tangents are concurrent at 'p'. The length of the tangent to each circle is P. The ratio of the product of their radii to sum of their radii is

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