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Question From class 12 Chapter JEE MAINS

Two circles with equal are intersecting at the points (0, 1) and (0,-1). The tangent at the point (0,1) to one of the circles passes through the centre of the order circle. Then the distance between the centres of these circles is.

and are two points. Two circles are drawn through these points touching the axis of y. <br> Centre of these circles are at
Prove that the line of centres of two intersecting circles subtends equal angles at the two points of intersection
1. The distance between the centres of two circlesis 6 cm. Radius of both circles are 1.7 cm and 2.8cm respectively. Draw a transversal commontangent to these circles.
Two concentric circles have centres at and radii The circle cuts these circles such that the common chord with one of the circles is a tangent to the other. Find the equation of both the circles.
The locus of the centres of circles passing through the origin and intersecting the fixed circle orthogonally is
Consider a circles S with centre at the origin and radius 4. Four circles A, B, C and Deach with radiusunity and centres and respectively are drawn. A chord PQ of the circle Sne circle B and passes through the centre of the circle C. If the length of this chord can beexpressed as , find x.
STATEMENT-1: If three circles which are such that their centres are non-collinear, then exactly one circle STATEMENT-2: Radical axis for two intersecting circles is the common chord exists which cuts the three circles orthogonally
Statement I For two non-intersecting circles, direct common tangents subtends a right angle at either of point of intersection of circles with line segment joining the centres of circles. Statement II If distance between the centres is more than sum of radii, then circles are non-intersecting.
Two circle of equal radii are intersect at , and the tangent at to one of those passes through the centre of other. Then the distance between the centres is equal to (A) (B) (C) (D)
A fixed circle is cut by circles passing through two given points . Show that the chord of intersection of the fixed circle with any one of the circles, passes through a fixed point.
x=1 is the radical axis of the two orthogonally intersecting circles. If is one of the circles, then the other circle, is
As shown in the figure, circles with centres A.B and C are externally tangent to each other and internally tangent to the circle with centre D Circles B and C are congruent. Circle A has radius 1 and passes through D. The radius of the circle B, is
The equation of the circle passing through (0, 0) and belonging to the system of circles of which (3, 1) and (-1, 5) are limiting points, is
The equation of radical axis of two circles is . One of the circles has the ends ofa diameter at the points and the other passes through the point (1, 2).Find the equating of these circles.
In the figure given, two circles with centres , are 35 units apart,i.e. . The radii of the circles with centres , are 12 and 9 respectively. If P is the intersection of , and a common internal tangent to the circles, then equals

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