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Question From class 14 Chapter DEFAULT

top sixteen positions of gold in a class And is the sixth place from below. Total in class How many students are there?

In a class, one out of every six students fails. If there are 42 students in the class, how many pass?
??? ?? ????? ?? ??????? ?? 6 ?? 8 ?? 10 ?? ?????? ?? ????? ???? ?? ?? ????? ??? ??????? ????? ????? ????
in a class of 240 students , each student got sweets that are 15% of the total number of students. How many sweet were there ?
The average weight of the students of a class is . If eight new students of average weight join the class, the average weight of the entire class becomes . How many students were there in the class initially.
The number of girl students in each class of a co-educational middle school is depicted by the pictograph Observe this pictograph and answer the following questions : (a) Which class has the minimum number of girl students? (b) Is the number of girls in Class VI less than the number of girls in Class V? (c) How many girls are there in Class VII?
There are 45 students in a class and of them are boys. How many girls are there in the class?
??? ??????? ?? ??????? ?? ?????? : ??? ??? ???????? ????? ?? 12 ????? ?? ? ??? ?? ?????? ?? ???? ??? ?? ?????? ?? ??? ????? ????? ???
The annual fee charged from a student of class VI in a school is Rs. 8880. If there are, in all, 235 students in class VI, find the total collection.
In a class tghere are 20 boys and 15 girls. In how many ways can the techer select one boy and one girl from amongst the students of the class to represent the schoo,l in a quiz competition?
The following bar graph (Figure) represents the heights (in cm) of 50 students of Class XI of a particular school. Study the graph and answer the following questions: What percentage of the total number of students have their heights more than 149 cm? How many students in the class are in the range of maximum height of the class? The school wants to provide a particular type of tonic to each student below the height of 150cm to improve his height. If the cost of the tonic for each student comes out to be Rs. 55, how much amount of money is required? How many students are in the range of shortest height of the class? State whether true or false: There are 9 students in the class whose heights are in the range of 155-159 cm. Maximum height (in cm) of a student in the class is 17. There are 29 students in the class whose heights are in the range of 145-154cm. Minimum height (in cm) of a student is the class is in the range of 140-144cms. The number of students in the class having their heights less than 150cm is 12. There are 14 students each of whom has height more than 154 cm.
A teacher has 45 chocolates. After giving two chocolates to each student, she is left with 7 chocolates. How many students are there in the class ?
A sports team of 11 students is to be constituted, choosing at least 5 from class XI and at least 5 from class XII. if there are 20 students in each of these classes, in how many ways can the team be constituted. What is the importance of sports in one's life ?
In a class of 180, where girls are twice the number of boys, Rupesh(a boy), ranked 34th from the top. If there are 18 girls ahead of Rupesh, how many boys are after him in rank?
From a class of 15 students, 10 are to be chosen. There are 3 students who decide that either all of them will select or non of them will select. In how many ways can they be chosen?
On the occasion if Deepawali festival, each student in a class sends greeting cards to other. If there are 20 students in the class, find the total number of greeting cards exchanged by the students?

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RATIONAL NUMBER A number of the form or a number which can be expressed in the form where are integers and is called a rational number.

LOWEST FORM OF A RATIONAL NUMBER A rational number is said to be in the lowest form or simplest form if have no common factor other than 1.

EQUALITY OF RATIONAL NUMBERS Two rational numbers are equal if .

Rational numbers with same denominators

Numbers with distinct denominators

CLOSURE PROPERTY The sum of any two rational numbers is always a rational number.

COMMUTATIVITY The addition of rational numbers is commutative

ASSOCIATIVITY The addition of rational numbers is associative

Simplify :

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