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Question From class 14 Chapter DEFAULT

top sixteen positions of gold in a class And is the sixth place from below. Total in class How many students are there?

In a class, one out of every six students fails. If there are 42 students in the class, how many pass?
There are 45 students in a class and of them are boys. How many girls are there in the class?
यदि एक कक्षा के छात्रों का 6 या 8 या 10 के समूहों के बांटा जाता है तो कक्षा में न्यूनतम कितने छात्र हैं?
The square of one-sixth of the number of students in a class are studying in the library and the remaining eight students are playing in the ground. What is the total number of students of the class ?
in a class of 240 students , each student got sweets that are 15% of the total number of students. How many sweet were there ?
The average weight of the students of a class is . If eight new students of average weight join the class, the average weight of the entire class becomes . How many students were there in the class initially.
In a class there are 32 girls. If the fraction of girls in the class is (8)/(11) ,find the total number of students in the class.
The number of girl students in each class of a co-educational middle school is depicted by the pictograph Observe this pictograph and answer the following questions : (a) Which class has the minimum number of girl students? (b) Is the number of girls in Class VI less than the number of girls in Class V? (c) How many girls are there in Class VII?
Total strength of a class is 36 students. If three-fourth of the students is taking an examination from the class, then how many students are not taking the examination ?
तीन कक्षाओं मे छात्रों का अनुपात : है। यदि प्रत्येक कक्षा मे 12 छात्र और आ जाए तो अनुपात हो जाता है। तो शुरुआत मे कुल छात्र कितने थे।
Out of 80 students who secured first class marks in Mathematics or English in an examination, 50 students secured first class marks in Mathematics and 10 students in English and Mathematics. How many students got first class marks in English?
In a class there are 15 boys and 10 girls. How many ways can a pair of one boy and one girl be selected from the class?
In Class XI of a certain school, there are 30 students in a Mathematics class and 20 students in Biolog class. Find the number of students which are in Mathematics class or in Biology class in the following cases: <br> (i) Two classes are conducted at the same time. <br> (ii) Two classes are condcuted at different time and 5 students study both the subject
There are 40 students in a class, 16 have taken history but not geography and 26 have taken history. How many students have taken geography but not history?
A teacher has 45 chocolates. After giving chocolates to each students, she is left with 7 chocolates. How many students are there in the class ?

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RATIONAL NUMBER A number of the form or a number which can be expressed in the form where are integers and is called a rational number.

LOWEST FORM OF A RATIONAL NUMBER A rational number is said to be in the lowest form or simplest form if have no common factor other than 1.

EQUALITY OF RATIONAL NUMBERS Two rational numbers are equal if .

Rational numbers with same denominators

Numbers with distinct denominators

CLOSURE PROPERTY The sum of any two rational numbers is always a rational number.

COMMUTATIVITY The addition of rational numbers is commutative

ASSOCIATIVITY The addition of rational numbers is associative

Simplify :