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Question From class 12 Chapter PROBABILITY I

Three students are in a swimming race. have the same probability of winning and each is twice as likely to win as Find the probability that the wins. Assume no two reach the winning point simultaneously.

Answer :

Solution :

P(C ) = p, P(A) = 2p, P(B) = 2p <br> <br> So,

किसी दौड़ में A के जितने की प्रायिकता है तथा B के जितने की प्रायिकता है । उस दौड़ को A और B में से कोई भी न जीत पाये, इसकी प्रायिकता क्या होगी ?
A tennis match of best of 5 sets is played by two players . The probability that first set is won by is 1/2 and if he loses the first, then probability of his winning the next set is 1/4, otherwise it remains same. Find the probability that wins the match.
Three students A, B and C are to take part in a swimming competition. The probability of A's winning or B's winning each is 3 times the probability of C's winning. The probability of C 's winning if there is no tie is . (A) (B) (C) (D)
5.In a swimming competition, only 3 students A, B and C are taking part. Theprobability of A's winning or the probability of B’s winning is three times theprobability of C's winning. The probability of the event either B or C to win is4) 7
The probability of winning a race by three persons , and are and , respectively. They run two races. The probability of winning the second race when , wins the first race is (A) (B) (C) (D)
The probability of winning three horses A, B and C in a horse race respectively , And Huh . Find the probability of winning a single horse.
Whenever horses race together, their respective probabilities of winning the race are 0.3, 0.5, and 0.2 respectively. If they race three times, the probability that the same horse wins all the three races, and the probability that each wins one race are, respectively. a. b. c. d.
The sum of three numbers in A.P. is . If are each increased by is increased by the new numbers form G.P. Find a ,b ,c
The probabilities that three children can win a race are and . Find the probability that any one can win the race.
In a horse race, the probability that horse A can win is and the probability that horse B can win is . Find the probability that any one can win the race.
A lottery sells tickets and declares n prizes. If a man purchases n tickets, the probability of his winning exactly one prize is ……
In a competition A, B and C are participating. The probability that A wins is twice that of B, the probability that B wins is twice that of C. find the probability that A losses.
. In a race, the probability of A to win the race is and of B is . Find the probability that any one of them win the race
Let be nonzero real numbers. Then the equation represents. four straight lines, when and are of the same sign. two straight lines and a circle, when and is of sign opposite to that two straight lines and a hyperbola, when are of the same sign and is of sign opposite to that of a circle and an ellipse, when are of the same sign and is of sign opposite to that of
A person buys 50 tickets of a lottery, in which the probability of winning in each of them Huh. What is its use in that (a) minimum once (b) fact: once (c) minimum twice, will win the prize.

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