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Question From class 11 Chapter SEQUENCES AND SERIES

Three numbers are in G.P. If we double the middle term, we get an A.P. Then find the common ratio of the G.P.

if a,b,c are in G.P. and 3a, 7b, 15c are first 3 term of A.P. Also the common ratio of G.P. then the 4th term of A.P is
The sum of three numbers forming a geometric progression is equal to 56. if we subtract 1,7,21 from these numbers, respectively, then the newly obtained numbers will form an arithmetic progression. Find the common ratio (integral value) of the G.P.
Three non-zero real numbers from an A.P. and the squares of these numbers taken in same order from a G.P. Then, the number of all possible value of common ratio of the G.P. is
Three numbers are in G.P. Their sum is 14. If we multiply the first and third numbers by 4 and 2nd number by 5, the new numbers form an A.P. Find the numbers.
The sum of three consecutive numbers in a G.P. is 56. If we subtract 1, 7, 21 respectively from these numbers, the new numbers form an A.P. Find the numbers.
If the terms of a non-constant A.P. are in G.P., then the common ratio of this G.P. is
The sum oif the first ten terms of an A.P. is equal to 155, and the sum of the first two terms of a G.P. is 9. Find these progressionsif the first term of the A.P. equals the common ratio of the G.P. and the 1st term of G.P. equals the common difference of A.P.
From thre numbers in G.P., other three numbers in G.P. are subtracted and the remainder are also found to be in G.P. Prove that the three sequences have the same common ratio.
The sum of 3 numbers in A.P. is 15. If we add 1, 4, 19 respectively, then the new numbers form a G.P. Find the numbers of the A.P.
Three terms are in G.P., their product is .If 4 be added to the first term and 6 to the second term the resulting numbers are in A.P., obtain the terms in G.P.
If three numbers are in G.P., then the numbers obtained by adding the middle number to each of these numbers are in
Find a three digit number whose consecutive digits form a G.P. if we subtract 792 from this number, we get a number consisting of the same digits written in the reverse order. Now, it we increase the second digit of the required number by 2, then the resulting digits will form an A.P.
Three numbers whose sum is 15 are in A.P. If 1,4,19 be added to them respectively the resulting numbers re in G.P. Find the numbers.
Every term of a G.P. is positive and also every term is the sum of preceding. Then, the common ratio of the G.P. is
If 5th nd 8th of a G.P. be 48 and 384 respectively. Find the G.P. if term of G.P. are real numbers.

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Representation of sequences and different types of series

Definition + algorithm to determine the sequence of AP

General term of an AP

term of an AP from the end

The term of the sequence is . Is the sequence an AP. If so; find the 10th term .

If first term is 8 and last term is 20 common diffference is 2 . find the value of n when the series are in AP.

Which term of the sequence is the first negative term ..

Show that the sum of term of an AP is equal to twice the term ?

Show that sum of n terms of an AP with first term a and common difference d is

Find the sum of 20 terms of the AP 1, 4, 7, 10,....