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Question From class 11 Chapter DEFAULT

There are 9 chairs in a room on which 6 persons are to be seated, out of which one is guest with one specific chair. In how many ways they can sit

There are four chairs with two chairs in each row. In how many ways can four persons be seated on the chairs, so that no chair remains unoccupied
In how many ways can 20 persons be seated round a table if there are 9 chairs?
In how many ways 4 persons can occupy 10 chairs in a row, if no two sit on adjacent chairs?
In how many ways can 8 humans be seated around a round table if (i) there are 8 chairs (ii) there are 7 chairs?
In how many ways 6 girls can be seated in two chairs ?
6 How many different ways can a person sit on 2 empty chairs?
There are 5 boys and 3 girls. In how many ways can they be seated in a row so that al the three girls do not sit together
In how many ways can 24 persons be seated round a table, if there are 13 sets ?
In how many ways four persons can be accommodated in 3 different chairs if each person can occupy only one chair.e
In how many different ways can four people be seated on three vacant chairs?
2 American men; 2British men; 2 Chinese men and one each of Dutch, Egyptial, French and German persons are to be seated for a round table conference.If the number of ways in which they can be ways in which they can be seated if exactly two pairs of persons of same nationality are together is p(6!), then find p.
In a dinner party there are 10 Indians, 5 Americans and 5 Englishmen. In how many ways can they be seated in a row so tht all persons of the same nastionality sit together?
There are 10 candidates for an examination out of which 4 are appearing in Mathematics and remaining 6 are appearing indifferent subjects. In how many ways can they be seated in a row so that no two Mathematics candidates are together?
In how many ways can 6 persons be seated at a round table?
A tea party is arranged for 16 persons along two sides of a long table with 8 chairs on each side. Four persons wish to sit on one particular and two on the other side. In how many ways can they be seated?

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What is factorial Zero Factorial examples

(a)Compute (i) (ii) (b)find n if

fundamental principle of multiplication

fundamental principle of addition

Difference and application of fundamental principals

There are 3 condidates for a Classical; 5 for a Mathematical and 4 for a Natural science scholarship.(i)In how many ways can these scholarship be awarded ? (ii) In how many ways one of these scholarships be awarded?

What is permutation ?

Notation + theorem :- Let r and n be the positive integers such that . Then no. of all permutations of n distinct things taken r at a time is given by

Prove that

The no. of all permutation of n distinct things taken all at a time is