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Question From class 11 Chapter SETS

Theorem 5 ( De Morgans law) (DeMorgans Law)

Theorem 1-2 ( Idempotent law and Identity law)
State Gauss's Theorem in electrostatics and deduce coulomb's law from Gauss's theorem.
गौस के प्रमेय की सहायता से कूलॉम के नियम का निगमन कीजिए ।
Prove the distributive law and De Morgan's law. <br> (i) <br> (ii)
The law is called (a) closure law (b) associative law (c) commutative law (d) distributive law
State De Moivres Theorem and prove it (DeMoivres, DeMoivres Theorem)
Assertion: Column's law can be derived from
According to de morgan's theorem-
Law Of Mass Action And Rate Law
Compare Gauss's law and Ampere's law.
If the law of gravitational, instead of being inverse-square law, becomes an inverse-cube law
State secound law of motion and show that second law is the real law of motion .
Dalton's atomic theory successfully explained. <br> (i) Law of conservation of mass (ii) Law of constant composition <br> (iii) Law of radioactivity (iv) Law of multiple proportion
Why is Newton's law of gravitational called a universal law?

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What is sets in general collection of things

Sets in mathematics sets as natural number; whole number; real number)

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Representation of sets in set-builder form

Conversion of roster form in set builder form

Conversion of set builder form in roster form

Some examples to identify the type of set ?

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