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The vector equations of two lines `L_1 and L_2` are respectively, `L_1:r=2i+9j+13k+lambda(i+2j+3k) and L_2: r=-3i+7j+pk +mu(-i+2j-3k)` Then, the lines `L_1 and L_2` are

Updated On: 4-5-2021

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skew lines all


intersecting for all

and the point of intersection is


intersecting lines for


intersecting for all real




Time Transcript
00:00 - 00:59 the questions is the vector equation of two lines L1 and L2 R is equal to 2 Y + 9 + 13 K + Lambda + 2 + 3 k and l to 72 BR is equal to minus 3 Y + 7 + pk plus minus y + 2 J cap + 3 k and option se banaa it is a few line to the intersect at point P for all real values at -134 it is the intersecting lines that is equal to minus two other intersect at all values of are so few line the lines which are neither parallel and nor do they intersect by looking at the options with you that every
01:00 - 01:59 other option face of talks about intersection so we can start off by finding whether they intersect or not so if they do not intersect then are option will be correct otherwise to find the answer we can write any one as a is equal to 2 + Lambda + 9 + 2 + 13 + 3 London ke we can write L2 as is equal to minus 3 minus 2 Y + 7 + 22 + 3 - 3 new these lines to be interested
02:00 - 02:59 tender I J&K component will be equal which means that 2 + Lambda is equal to minus 3 minus 9 + to Lambda is equal to 7 + 2 and 13 + 3 Y is equal to 3 minus 3 new will solve this two equations we get - Lambda - new is equal to 5 as the first equation and new - Lambda twice is equal to 2 which gives Mu - Lambda is equal to 1 as a second equation solving these two equations we can add them
03:00 - 03:59 this underskirt cancer -2 Lambda is equal to 6 which gives us Lambda is equal to minus 3 upon this equation number 2 we will get mew is equal to minus 2 now we will put the value of Lambda new in our third equation so we will get 13 + 3 into minus 3 is equal to 3 minus 3 into minus 2 which cancer is the value of p s -2 so we see that it satisfy its our third option get dance + 3 equal to minus 2 at which the lines intersect
The vector equations of two lines `L_1 and L_2` are respectively, `L_1:r=2i+9j+13k+lambda(i+2j+3k) and L_2: r=-3i+7j+pk +mu(-i+2j-3k)` Then, the lines `L_1 and L_2` are
Consider the pair of lines <br> `barr=3i+4j-2k+lambda(-i+2j+k)`….`L_1`, <br> `barr=i-7j-2k+mu(i+3j+2k)`….`L_2` <br> Find one point each on lines `L_1` and `L_2`.
Consider the pair of lines <br> `barr=3i+4j-2k+lambda(-i+2j+k)`….`L_1`, <br> `barr=i-7j-2k+mu(i+3j+2k)`….`L_2` <br> Find the shortest distance between `L_1` and `L_2`
Consider the pair of lines <br> `barr=3i+4j-2k+lambda(-i+2j+k)`….`L_1`, <br> `barr=i-7j-2k+mu(i+3j+2k)`….`L_2` <br> Find one point each on lines `L_1` and `L_2`. <br> Find the distance between those points.
`L_1 and L_2 " are two intersecting lines. If the image of " L_1 " w.r.t. " L_2 " and that of " L_2 " w.r.t. " L_1 " concide, then the angle between " L_1 and L_2` is
Show that the relation R defined in the set A of all lines as `R = {(L_1, L_2): L_1 and L_2` are parallel lines} is an equivalence relation.
Let R be the relation over the set of straight lines of a plane such that `l_1 R l_2 iff l_1 bot l_2` . Then R is
Is the relation `R={(L_1, L_2) : L_1,L_2 in L}` and `L_1` is perpendicular on `L_2` an equivalence relation in the set L of all straight lines in the coordinate plane?
माना समतल में स्थित सभी रेखाओं के समुच्चय में सम्बन्ध R निम्न प्रकार परिभाषित है। `(l_1,l_2) in R rArr l_1` तथा `l_2` समान्तर है
Let `R` be a relation on the set of all lines in a plane defined by `(l_1,\ l_2) in R ` <=> line `l_1` is parallel to line `l_2` . Show that `R` is an equivalence relation.
A line `L_1` passing through a point with position vector `p=i+2j+3k` and parallel `a=i+2j+3k`, Another line `L_2` passing through a point with position vector to `b=3i+j+2k`. and parallel to b=3i+j+2k. <br> Q. Equation of a line passing through the point `(2, -3, 2)` and equally inclined to the line `L_1 and L_2` may equal to
Show that relation `R = {(L_1, L_2) : L_1` is parallel to `L_2`}, defined on the set of all lines, is an equivalence relation.
???? ?? ?? ???? ??? ??? ??? ?????? ?? ??????? L ??? L ??? ?? ??????? `R , L_1 R L_2 hArr L_1 bot L_2` ?? ???????? ??? ?? R ?? :
The line `l_1 x+ m_1 y+n=0 and l_2 x + m_2 y+n=0` will cut the coordinate axes at concyclic points if (A) `l_1 m_1 = l_2 m_2` (B) `l_1 m_2 = l_2 m_1` (C) `l_1 l_2 = m_1 m_2` (D) `l_1 l_2 m_1 m_2 = n^2`
The equations of bisectors of two lines `L_1 & L_2` are `2x-16y-5=0` and `64x+ 8y+35=0`. lf the line `L_1` passes through `(-11, 4)`, the equation of acute angle bisector of `L_1` & `L_2` is:

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