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Question From class 11 Chapter CONIC SECTIONS

The tangent at any point onthe parabola intersects the y-axis at Then tangent to the circumcircle of triangle is the focus) at is a line parallel to x-axis y-axis a line parallel to y-axis (d) none of these

Let the line intersects the curve at P and tangent to at P intersects x-axis at Q. If area ( OPQ) = 4, find .
A line drawn through the focus (F) and parallel to tangent at on the parabola cuts the line at Q. Then PQ is equal to
If the tangent line at a point on the curve is parallel to x-axis, then write the value of .
If the tangent line at a point on the curve is parallel to y-axis, find the value of .
The curve given by has a tangent parallel to the at the point (b) (d) none of these
A line L : y = mx + 3 meets y-axis at E (0, 3) and the arc of the parabola at the point art . The tangent to the parabola at intersects the y-axis at . The slope m of the line L is chosen such that the area of the triangle EFG has a local maximum P) m= Q) = Maximum area of is (R) (S)
The line is (A) parallel to x-axis (B) parallel to y-axis (C) parallel to z-axis (D) parallel to XOY plane
If tangent to the curve at any point is parallel to y - axis , then at that point equals to
यदि वक्र के किसी बिंदु पर स्पर्श रेखा X- अक्ष के समानांतर है तो उस बिंदु पर का मान होगा
A tangent to a curve at P(x, y) intersects x-axis and y-axis at A and B respectively. Let the point of contact divides AB in the ratio .
If a tangent to the parabola meets the x-axis at and intersects the tangents at vertex at and rectangle is completed, then find the locus of point
A tangent is drawn to the parabola at such that it cuts the y-axis at A line perpendicular to this tangents is drawn through which cuts the axis of the parabola at . If the rectangle is completed, then find the locus of
The point at which the tangent to the curve is parallel to x-axis, is
Find the point on the curve at which the tangent is parallel to a-axis.
The curve given by has a tangent parallel to the y-axis at the point

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