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Question From class 9 Chapter QUADRILATERALS

The sides and of a quadrilateral are produced as shown in Figure. Prove that Figure

Solution :

Construction-Join BD<br> <br> <br> <br> <br> adding equation 1 and 2<br> <br> .

The sides and of a quadrilateral are produced as shown in Figure. Prove that Figure
In Figure, is a right triangle right angled at are square on the sides respectively. Line segment meets at Show that:
is a cyclic quadrilateral. are produced to meet in Prove that
is a quadrilateral. A line through parallel to meets produced in as shown in Figure. Prove that
In Figure, is a parallelogram and are the mid=points of sides and respectively. Show that is a parallelogram. Figure
The side BA and DC of a quadrilateral ABCD are produced as shown in figure 2.19.Prove that x+y=a+b
In Figure, is a trapezium in which is produced to such that prove that Construction: Draw on produced and
is a kite having and . Prove that the figure formed by joining the mid-points of the sides, in order, is a rectangle.
In quadrilateral show in Figure. Also, Find the area of the quadrilateral.
In Figure, it is given that and . Prove that
In Figure, and are two altitudes of a such that Prove that is isosceles. Figure
In Figure, is a trapezium in which . Prove that:
In Figure, is a parallelogram and are points on the diagonal such that . Prove that is a parallelogram (ii) (iv)
Let A,B,C,D be the vertices of a convex quadrilateral; K,L,M,N the midpoints of the sides; X,Y,Z,T, intersection of the lines joining vertices to midpoints of opposite sides and a,b,c,d areas of portion of the figure in quadrilateral. find the area of quadrilateral XYZT in terms of a,b,c and d.
The diagonals of quadrilateral intersect in Prove that if the triangles are equal in area.

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