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Question From class 12 Chapter DEFAULT

The of first odd natural numbers is:

The arithmetic mean of first odd natural numbers, is
Find the sum of first odd natural numbers.
Write the sum of first odd natural numbers.
Property 6 The sum of first n odd natural numbers is
The sum of first n odd natural numbers is
Property 9 The square of a natural number n is equal to the sum of first n odd natural numbers.
Statement-1 :Variance of first n natural number is . <br> Statement-2 : S.D. of first n natural number is
पहली 20 विषम प्राकृतिक संख्याओं क योग है।
Prove that the sum of the first &#39;n&#39; even natural numbers, the sum of the first &#39;n&#39; odd numbers Will multiply.
The sum of first 20 odd natural numbers is
प्रथम 50 विषम प्राकृत संख्याओं का योग ज्ञात करें।
Find the arithmetic mean of first ten odd natural numbers
Find the arithmetic mean of first ten odd natural numbers.
Find the sum of first 15 odd natural numbers.
Calculate the mean deviation about the mean of the set of first natural numbers when is odd natural number.

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Introduction with some examples


Mean deviation for ungrouped data or Individual data with some examples

Mean Deviation of a Descrete Frequency Distribution

Mean Deviation of a Grouped or Continuous Frequency Distribution

Limitations Of Mean Deviations

Variance of Individual Observations

Variance of a discrete frequency distribution

Variance of a grouped or continuous frequency distribution

Coefficient of Variation