The region in the Argand diagram defined by `|z-2i|+|z+2i| lt 5` is the ellipse with major axis along

Updated On: 24-5-2021

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the real axis


the imaginary axis








The equation

|z-(0+2i)|+|z-(0-2i)| lt 5

represents the interior of ellipse with foci at




. So, major axis is along the imaginary axis.

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The region in the Argand diagram defined by `|z-2i|+|z+2i| lt 5` is the ellipse with major axis along The region of Argand diagram defined by `|z – 1| + |z + 1| le 4` is The region of Argand diagram defined by `|z – 1| + |z + 1| le 4` is Find the region on the Argand plane on which z satisfies`1lt|z-2i|lt3` Given that `|z+2i|=|z-2i|` `z in C ` में निम्नलिखित बिन्दुपथों का परिकलन कीजिए। <br> `Re((z+2i)/(iz + 2)) lt= 4 (z ne 2i)` Suppose that `z` is a complex number the satisfies `|z-2-2i|lt=1.` The maximum value of `|2i z+4|` is equal to _______. Suppose that `z` is a complex number that satisfies `|z-2-2i|lt=1.` The maximum value of `|2i z+4|` is equal to _______. Draw argand diagram of 6+2i. If `|z-2i|+|z-2|geq||z|-|z-2-2i||`, then locus of z is If `A = {z : (1 + 2i)bar z + (1-2i) z + 2=0) and B = {z : (3 + 2i)+(3-2i) z + 3 = 0)`, then If p(x,y) denotes z = x + iy in Argand plane and `| (z - 1)/( z + 2i)|` = 1 the locus of P is a/an If z = x + iy and if the point P in the argand plane represents z then find the locus of P satisfying the following equations <br> `Re ((z-4)/(z-2i)) = 0 (z ne 2i)` Given `z_(1)=1 + 2i`. Determine the region in the complex plane represented by `1 lt |z-z_(1)| le 3`. Represent it with the help of an Argand diagram Illustrate and explain the set of points z in the Argand diagram, which represents `|z- z_(1)| le 3` where `z_(1)= 3-2i`

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z, z_1, z_2

are complex no.; then :- (i)





z-barz=2i Im(z)


z=barz hArr z

is purely real (v)


z is purely imaginary (vi)


Properties of a complex no. If


are complex no.; then (vii)










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