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Question From class 12 Chapter PROBABILITY

The random variable X can take only the values . Giventhat and that ; find the value of .

The random variable X can take only the values 0,1,2. If <br> , <br> then find valu of p.
Gien that X is discrete random variable which take the values, , then the value of is
A random variable can take all non-negative integral values and the probabililty that takes the value is proportional to Find
The random variable can the values 0, 1, 2, 3, Give P(X = 0) = P(X = 1)= p and P(X = 2) = P(X = 3) such that then find the value of
If then find the value of .
The probability distribution of a random variable x is given as under <br> <br> where, k is a constant. Calculate <br> (i) E(X) (ii) (iii)
If the value of can be expressed in the form of , where p and q are relative prime then find the value of (p+q) .
FInd the value of p such that has more then 2 roots
P(x) is a non-zero polynomial such that P(0)=0 and and then
Let the random variable X follow B (6,p). If 16 , then what is the value of p?
If the probability mass function of a discrete random variable X is , otherwise. Then, E(X) is equal to
The random variable X has a probability distribution P(X) of the following form, where k is some number : P(X) = (a) Determine k. (b) Find P , P , P
The p.d.f of continuous random variable X is given by otherwise. <br> Find (i)
The random variable X has a probability distribution P(X) of the following form, where k is some number : P(X) = (a) Determine the value of k. (b) Find
A random variable X takes the values with prbability , where k is a constant, then is.

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