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Question From class 12 Chapter JEE MAINS

The number of ways in which the time table for Monday be completed if there must be 5 lessons that day (Algebra, Geometry,Calculus, Trigonometry, Vectors) and Algebra and Geometry must not immediately follow each other are

There are 20 books on Algebra and Calculus in one library. For the greatest number of selections each of which consists of 5 books on each topic. If the possible number of Algebra books are N, then the value N/2 is __________.
A mathematics book has 320 pages, 40% of which are on algebra, 25% on geometry and the remaining on arithmetic. How many pages of arithmetic are there ?
There are 12 books on Algebra and Calculus in our library , the books of the same subject beingdifferent. If the number of selections each of which consists of 3 books on each topic is greatest thenthe number of books of Algebra and Calculus in the library are respectively :
Number of ways in which 8 people can be arranged in a line if A and B must be next each other and C must be somewhere behind D, is equal to
The number of ways in which 8 men be arranged arounda circular table so that 2 particular men may not be next to each other is
Which one is not a requirement of a binomial distribution? a. There are 2 outcomes for each trial b. There is a fixed number of trials c. The outcomes must be dependent on each other d. The probability of successes must be the same for all the trials.
In how many ways can the letters of the word 'ALGEBRA' be arranged, so that two A's are never together?
In a steamer there are stalls for 12 animals and there are cows, horses and calves (not less than 12 of each) ready to be shipped, the total number of ways in which the shipload can be made, is
Using analytical geometry, prove that the diagonals of a rhombus are perpendicular to each other.
A train time table must be compiled for various days of the week, so that two trains twice a day depart for three days, one train daily for two days, and three trains once a day for two days. How many diferent time table can be compiled?
Shobha’s Mathematics Test had 75 problems i.e, 10 arithmetic, 30 algebra and 35 geometry problems. Although she answered 70% of the arithmetic 40% of the algebra and 60% of the geometry problems correctly she did not pass the test because she got less than 60% of the problems right. How many more questions she would have needed to answer correctly to earn a 60% passing grade?
The tamer of wild animals has to bring one by one 5 lions & 4 tigers to the circus arena. The number of ways this can be done if no two tigers immediately follow each other
There are guests at a dinner party. Supposing that eh master and mistress of the house have fixed seats opposite one another and that there are two specified guests who must not be placed next to one another, show that the number of ways in which the company can be placed is
A parallelogram in which the digonals bisect each other at right angles must be ______
There are six periods in each working day of a school. Find the number of ways in which 5 subjects can be arranged if each subject is allowed at least one period and no period remains vacant.

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