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Question From class 12 Chapter JEE MAINS

The number of triangles that can be formed by 5 points in a line and 3 points on a parallel line is

The number of triangles that can be formed by choosing the vefrom a set of 12 points, seven of which lie on the same straight line, are:
Only 5 of the 12 points on a plane lie in a straight line. Tell how many triangles can be formed by mixing them?
Number of triangles that can be formed by joining the 10 non-collinear points on a plane is
There are ten points in a plane. Of these ten points, four points are in a straight line and with the exceptionof these four points, on three points are in the same straight line. Find i. the number of triangles formed, ii the number of straight lines formed iii the number of quadrilaterals formed, by joining these ten points.
The number of lines that can be formed from 12 points in a plane of which 6 points lie on a line is
There are m points on the line AB and n points on the line AC, excluding the point A. Triangles are formed joining these points
Consider parallel lines and Line has two points and while has points.Number of triangles that can be formed taking these points as vertices of triangle is
10 points are given in a plane. Out of these 10 points, 4 points are in a straight line and apart from these four points no other 3 points are in a straight line. Find that with the help of 10 points- <br> a. How many simple lines can be drawn? <br> b. How many triangles can be made?
Each of two parallel lines has a number of distinct points marked on them. On one line there are 2 points P and Q and on the other there are 8 points. i. Find the number of triangles formed having three of the 10 points as vertices. ii. How many of these triangles include P but exclude Q?
There are 18 points in a plane such that no three of them are in the same line except five points which are collinear. The number of triangles formed by these points, is
Show that the line through the points (5, 6) and (2, 3) is parallel to the line through the points (9,-2) and (6,-5).
Given six line segments of length units, the number of triangles that can be formed by these segments is -
A, B, C, D and E are coplanar points and three of them lie in a straight line. What is the maximum number of triangles that can be drawn with these points as their vertices ?
The number of triangles that can be formed by n points in a plane where no three points are collinear is ______ and when p of the given points are collinear is ____ .
The sides AB, BC, CA of a triangle ABC have 3, 4 and 5 triangles that can be constructed by using these points as vertices, is

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