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Question From class 9 Chapter NUMBER SYSTEM

The mirror image of curve arg = in line x-y=0 is :

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The mirror image of the curve in the real axis
If z be any complex number then represents the curve
Perimeter of the locus represented by equal to
If , where ,then locus of z, is
The number of values of z satisfying both theequations and is
Locus of if when when is
The value of is
Locus of z such that is semicircle in first and fourth quadrants then k is
Trace the locus of if
If then (1) (2) (3) (4)
If , then a. b. c. d.
If then
The locus of z, for is (A) same as the locus of z for (B) same as the locus of z for (C) the part of the straight line with (D) the part of the straight line with
The principal value of , where (where, is given by
If , then equals to
If equal
Let be the point of intersection of curves be the point on the curve such that is minimum and be the centre of circle . The area of triangle ABC is equal to
If are two complex number such that then show that
If , then arg(z) is equal to

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What is number system?

Number line and Its importance

Representation of various types of no.s on no. line(natural no. integers rational nos)

Rational number as recurring / terminating


Existence of non rational numbers (irrational no.) and their representation on no. line

What is Natural Number;symbol and representation on number line

What is Whole Number; symbol and representation of Whole Number on Number line?

Definition and representation of dfferent type of integers

What is Rational Number?

Representation of Rational number on no. line

Find a rational numbers between -2/3 and 1/4.

Insert 100 rational numbers between -3/13 and 9/13

Definition of Rational Number in its lowest form

Conversion of fraction into Decimal number

Express 7/8 in the decimal form by long division method

Express 2157/625 in the decimal form by long division method.

What is Finite or Terminating decimal ?

What is non terminating repeating decimals or non terminating recurring decimals and its representation?

Determine following numbers are Terminating and Non-Terminating (i) 325/8 (ii) 2/11

Steps to convert Terminating decimal number to the form p/q with example.

Steps to convert Pure recurring decimal to the form p/q with Example.

Steps to Convert Mixed Recurring Decimal to the form p/q with Examples.

Introduction and Definition of Irrational numbers.

How do determine that any number is irrational with examples. (square root method)

Negation of an irrational number is an irrational number.

Addition of rational and irrational number is always irrational.

Multiplication of a non-zero rational number with an irrational number is an irrational number.

The sum; Difference;product and quotient of two irrational numbers need not be an irrational number.

Insert a rational and irrational number between 2 and 3

Find three different irrational number between the rational numbers 5/7 and 9/11.

Prove is irrational number.

Examine; Whether is rational or irrational.

Representation of irrational number on number line.

Real Number and Real Number line

Algorithm to find the square root of a positive real number

Represent 10.5 on number line

Procedure to visualise the representation of real no. by successive magnification method

Visualise the representation of on the number line upto 5 decimal places.

Power of a Rational number and the laws obeyed by their indices (exponents).

Power of a Real numbers with positive and negative exponent

If a is any real number and m;n are positive integers; then

If a is any real number and m;n are positive integers; then

If a is any real number and m;n are positive integers; then

If a is any real number and m;n are positive integers; then (i) (ii)

Simplify :

Principal nth Root of a positive real number

Principal nth Root of a negative real number

Rational exponents(powers) of a number

laws of Rational exponents are same as real exponents. (i) (ii) (iii) (iv)

laws of rational exponent (v) = (vi) = (vii)

Simplify :


Find the value of x; If

Simplify :

For any positive real number x;write the value of

Simplify : (i) (ii) (256/81)^(1/4)

If a and b are positive natural numbers

If a and b are positive natural numbers

If a and b are positive natural numbers

Why we need to rationalize denominator ?

Rationalise the denominator of

Given that apporximately; find the three places of decimal the value of

If both a and b are rational numbers;find the values of a and b in each of the following equalities (i) ( -1)/( +1) = a+b (ii) (5+2 )/(7+4 ) = a +b

Prove that :

If ; find (i)

If then is equal to

Simplest rationalizing factor of (i) (ii)

If ; find the value of

Evaluate is being given that and

then find the value of find