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Question From class 12 Chapter DEFAULT

The line forms an equilateral triangle with the lines The perimeter of the triangle is :

Show that the lines and contain the sides of an equilateral triangle.
The pair of straight lines together with the line form a triangle which is: (A) right angled but not isosscles (C) scalene (B) right isosceles (D) equilateral
The triangle formed by the lines whose combined equation is is
is formed by the lines and the line AB. The equation of line AB is x + y -2 = 0
Area of the triangle formed by the lines and is
The equation of the in-circle of an equilateral triangle is find the area of the equilateral triangle.
The orthocentre of the triangle formed by the pair of lines and the line , is
is formed by the lines and the line AB. The equation of line AB is .Find the equation of the median of the triangle drawn from the origin.
Show that straight lines form with the line an equilateral triangle of area .
If two members of family and line x+y=0 make an equilateral triangle, the the incentre of triangle so formed is
Prove that the lines form an equilateral triangle.
The straight lines , and form (A) an isosceles triangle (B) an equilateral triangle (C) a scalene triangle (D) a right angled triangle
The area of an equilateral triangle inscribed in the circle is
The equation of the base of an equilateral triangle is and the opposite vertex his coordinates (2, -1). Find the area of he triangle.
The triangle formed by the lines is

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