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Question From class 12 Chapter BINARY OPERATIONS

The law is called (a) closure law (b) associative law (c) commutative law (d) distributive law

closure law

associative law

commutative law

distributive law

Answer :


Solution :


Non commutative and distributive law of vector product
Prove the distributive law and De Morgan's law. <br> (i) <br> (ii)
VECTOR ALGEBRA | ADDITION OF VECTOR | Magnitude of addition of two vectors, Commutative law, Associative law
and commutative and distributive law of dot product
Associative law
Commutative law
Distributive law is obeyed by
Show that the operation * on Z define by <br> a* b =a+b+1 for all a,b in Z <br> Satisfies (i) the closure property (ii) the associative law and (iii) the commutative law ltrbgt (iv) find the identity element in Z <br> (v) what is the inverse iof an element a in Z ?
Why is Newton's law of gravitational called a universal law?
What thermodynamics variable is defined by (a) Zeroth law (b) First law?
Name the scientist who gave : <br> (a) law of conservation of mass. <br> (b) law of constant proportions.
Are the commutative law and associtive law applicable to vectors subtraction.
If then verify associative law of multiplication of rational numbers
A gas that follows Boyl's law, Charles' law and Avogardo's law is called an ideal gas. Under what conditions a real gas would behave ideally ?
A gas that follos Boyle's law, charle's law and Avogadro's law is called an ideal gas. Under what conditions a real gas would behave ideally ?

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What is operation? where we used it in previous classes?

On the set Q of all rational numbers an operation * is defined by . Show that * is a binary operation on Q.

Number of binary operations

Commutativity of binary operations

Associativity of binary operations

Distributivity of binary operations

Definition and Theorem: Let * be a binary operation on a set S. If S has an identity element for *; then it is unique.

Invertible element (definition and examples)

Let * be an associative binary operation on a set S with the identity element e in S. Then. the inverse of an invertible element is unique.

Let * be an associative binary operation on a set S and a be an invertible element of S. Then; inverse of a^-1 is a.