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Question From class 12 Chapter HYPERBOLA

The is a point P on the hyperbola such that its distance from the right directrix is the average of its distance from the two foci. Then the x-coordinate of P is

none of these

Answer :


Solution :

Let <br> <br> <br> <br> <br> But, point P lies on the left branch. <br> Therefore, x-coordinate of P is .

There is a point P on the hyperbola 16 16 9 such that its distance to the right directrix is the average of its distance to the two foci. Let the x-coordinate of P be with m and n being integers, (n>0) having no common factor except 1. Then n- m equals
A series of hyperbola are drawn having a common transverse axis of length 2a. Prove that the locus of point P on each hyperbola, such that its distance from the transverse axis is equal to its distance from an asymptote, is the curve then equals
A point p is such that the sum of squares of its distance from the axes of coordinates is equal to the square of its distance from the line . Find the locus of P
If a point moves such that its distance from is always equal to -coordinate of , show that the locus of is .
If P is any point on the hyperbola and are its foci, then find the value value
The distance between the foci of a hyperbola is 16 and its eccentricity is then equation of the hyperbola is a. b. c. d.
A point moves such teat its distance from the point is half that of its distance from the line find its locus.
A point P lies on the ellipe . If the distance of P from one focus is 10 units, then find its distance from other focus.
Let 'p' be the perpendicular distance from the centre C of the hyperbola to the tangent drawn at a point R on the hyperbola. If are the two foci of the hyperbola, then show that .
The distance from the foci of on the ellipse are
If P is any point common to the hyperbola and the circle having line segment joining its foci as diameter then sum of focal distances of point P is
The x-coordinate of a point P is twice its y-coordinate. If P is equidistant from then find the coordinates of P.
Find the locus of a point which moves such that its distance from the line is the same as its distance from
At a point P on the ellipse tangents PQ is drawn. If the point Q be at a distance from the point P, where 'p' is distance of the tangent from the origin, then the locus of the point Q is
If the locus of the point which moves so that the difference (p) 0 of its distance from the points is 2 is then a is

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