The function f defined by f(x)=lim_(t->oo) {((1+sinpix)^t-1)/((1+sinpix)^t+1)} is <br> (A) everywhere continuous <br> (B) discontinuous at all integer values of x <br> (C) continuous at x = 0 <br> (D) none of these

Updated On: 24-4-2020

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The function is discontinuous at (b) continuous at (c) differentiable at (d) none of these
1.If exists and then f(x) is (a) continuous at x=0 (b) discontinuous at x=0 (e) continuous no where (d) None of these
The function is (a) Continuous at x=1 (b) Discontinuous at x=1 (c) Not defined at x=1 (d) None of these
If the function defined by is continuous at , then (a) 1 (b) 5 (c) -1 (d) none of these
The function is continuous everywhere but not differentiable at continuous and differentiable everywhere not continuous at none of these
If , then the value of x at which is discontinuous , (where denotes greatest integer function)
The function f defined by is
The function is continuous everywhere but not differentiable at (b) continuous and differentiable everywhere (c) not continuous at (d) none of these
Show that the function defined by is everywhere continuous.
Let . Then, is continuous at (b) differentiable at (c) everywhere continuous (d) everywhere differentiable
The value of so that the function is continuous everywhere, is given by (b) 1 (c) 26 (d) none of these
If be continuous at the is equal to (b) (c) (d)
Number of points where the function <br> <br> and is continuous but non differentiable : <br> (where [.] denotes greatest integer function and {.} denotes fractional part function)
Let then (a) is continuous at as well at (b) is continuous at but not at (c) is continuous at but not at (d)none of these
The function is (a) Continuous everywhere but not differentiable at (b) Continuous and differentiable everywhere (c) Not continuous at (d) None of the above

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