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Question From class 12 Chapter INTEGRALS

The function and are positive and continuous. If is increasing and is decreasing, then (a)is always non-positive (b)is always non-negative (c)can take positive and negative values (d)none of these

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Which of the following statement is always true? (a)If is increasing, the is decreasing. (b)If is increasing, then is also increasing. (c)If are positive functions and is increasing and is decreasing, then is a decreasing function. (d)If are positive functions and is decreasing and is increasing, the is a decreasing function.
If are two positive and increasing functions, then which of the following is not always true? is always increasing is decreasing, when is increasing, then If is increasing.
Let be increasing and decreasing functions, respectively, from Let If then is always zero (b) always negative always positive (d) strictly increasing none of these
Let be non-increasing and non-decreasing functions, respectively, and If are differentiable functions, If are differentiable for all points in their respective domains and then show is always, identically zero.
let f(x) = and g(x) =x be function defined over the set of non negative real numbers . find (f+g)(x) , (f-g)(x) , (fg)(x) and (f/g)(x) .
If is a decreasing function on and . State whether is increasing or decreasing on .
If is a non-decreasing function and is a non-decreasing function. Let with then
Let , The number of points at which is not continuous and non-differentiable is
If are sides of a scalene triangle, then value of is (a)positive (b) negative (c)non-positive (d) non-negative
If f(x) and g(x) are non- periodic functions, then is
If is a) an increasing function b)a decreasing function c)a constant function d) none of these
Let is equal to (A) (B) (C) (D)
Suppose , where a and b are positive integets If then the product (ab) can have the value equal to
Let f be a continuous strictly increasing function from onto and (that is, if and only if . Let and . Then (A) greater than equal to ab (B) less than ab (C) always equal to ab (D) always equal to
If the functions and are such that is continuous at and and is discontinuous at but is continuous at . where, and are non-constant functions (a) extremum of and is an extremum (b) may not be extremum and is an extermum of (c) is an extremum of and may not be an extremum (d) not of the above
is an odd function, It is also known that is continuous for all values of and is periodic with period 2. If then (b) (d) is non-periodic
Suppose are positive integers. If then which of the following is not true? b. c. d.

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