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The final marks in mathematics of 30 students are as follows: 53,61,48,60,78,68,55,100,67,90 75,88,77,37,84,58,60,48,62,56 44,58,52,64,98,59,70,39,50,60 Arrange these marks in the ascending order 30 to 39 one group, 40 to 49 second group, etc. What is the highest score?   What is the lowest score?  (iv)  What is the range? If 40 is the pass mark how many have failed? How many have scored 75 or more? Which observations between 50 and 60 have not actually appeared? How many have scored less than 50?

In an examination , Raman scored 25 marks less than Rohit . Rohit scored 45 marks than Sonia. Rohan scored 75 marks which is 10 more than Sonia. Ravi's score is 50 less than , maximum marks of the test . What approximate percentage of marks did Ravi score in the examination , if he gets 34 marks more than Raman ?
Following table shows the marks scored by a group of 90 students in a mathematics test of 100 marks. Marks 0-20 20-30 30-40 40-50 50-60 60-70 70-100 No. of Students: 7 10 10 20 20 15 8 Find the probability that marks scored by a student in the class is: at most 60 marks             (ii)  at least 60 marks (iii)not more than 50 marks
50 ??????? ?? ????? ??? ???? 70% ??? ??????? ??? ?? ? ????? 25 ??????? ?? ???? 60% ??? ??????? ??? ?? 24 ??????? ?? ???? 80% ??? ??????? ???? ????? ????? ?? ????? ??? ??????? ??? ?
Had Ajita scored 10 more marks in her mathematics test out of 30 marks, 9 times these marks would have been the square of her actual marks. How many marks did she get in the test?
A scored 30% marks and failed by 15 marks. B scored 40% marks and obtained 35 marks more than those required to pass. The pass percentage is a. b. c. d.
What is the minimum passing percentage in a test? (I)Raman scored 25% marks in the test and Suneel scored 288 marks which is 128 more than Raman (II)Raman scored 64 marks less than the minimum passing marks.
In a Mathematics test, the following marks were obtained by 40 students. Arrange these marks in a table using tally marks. (a) Find how many students obtained marks equal to or more than 7. (b) How many students obtained marks below 4?
The adjoining pie chart gives the marks scored in an examination by a student in Hindi, English, Mathematics, Social Science and Science. If the total marks obtained by the students were 540, answer the following questions. (i)      In which subject did the student score 105 marks? (Hint: for 540 marks, the central angle = 360°. So, for 105 marks, what is the central angle?) (ii)     How many more marks were obtained by the student in Mathematics than in Hindi? (iii)    Examine whether the sum of the marks obtained in Social Science and Mathematics is more than that in Science and Hindi (Hint: Just study the central angles).
???? ??????? ?????? ?????? ???? ??? 99 ?????? ??? ???? ?????? ????? ?? ??? ?? ??? 99, ??? 100?? ???? ??? ??? ????? ?? ????? ????? ???? 100 ?????? ?? ???? ??? ?? ??? 100 ?? ????
Out of three exams, Ravi had scored 70 and 75 marks in two examinations. A student can be placed in Grade A is the average score of three exams will be at least 73 and at most 80. Ravi is placed in Grade A. What is the maximum mark that he could have scored in the third examinations ?
In a camp, there is a meal for 120 men or 200, children. If 150 children have taken the meal, how many men will be catered to with the remaining meal? b. c. d. 50
It is required to get 40% marks to pass an exam . A candidate score 200 marks and failed by 8 marks . What were the maximum marks of that exam ?
The score of Ishita in Mathematics is 25 more than the two third of her score in Science. If she scored marks in Science, determine her score in Mathematics.
Vikram scored 72 per cent marks in five subjects together, viz. Hindi, Science, Maths, English and Sanskrit together , where in the maximum marks of each subject were 100. How many marks did Vikram score in Science if he scored 80 marks in Hindi, 70 marks in Sanskrit, 76 marks in Maths and 65 marks in English ?
A class has 175 students. The following data shows the number of students obtaining one or more subjects. Mathematics 100, Physics 70, Chemistry 40, Mathematics and Physics 30, Mathematics and Chemistry 28, Physics and Chemistry 23, Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry 18. How many students have offered Mathematics alone (a) 35 (c) 60 (b) 48 (d) 22

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