The equations of the commom tangents of the ellipse x^2+4 y^2 = 8 & the parabola y^2 = 4x are

Updated On: 25-9-2020

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 The equations of the commom tangents of the ellipse `x^2+4 y^2 = 8` & the parabola `y^2 = 4x` are
The equations of the common tangents to the parabola is/are :
Find the equations of common tangents to the hyperbola and the parabola
Find the equations of the transverse common tangents of
Chords of the parabola are tangent to the hyperbola . The locus of the point of intersection of tangents of parabola drawn at extremities of such chords is an ellipse E. <br> If circle described on vertices of ellipse E as diameter intersects orthogonally the circle , then k can be
The equation of the common tangents of the parabolas and an ellipse are
Find the equations of the common tangents to the circle and the parabola
The tangents from the origin to the parabola are inclined at
Tangents are drawn to the ellipse from any point on the parabola . The corresponding chord of contact will touch a parabola, whose equation is
Three normals are drawn from the point to the curve . Show that must be greater than . One normal is always the x-axis. For what values of are the other two normals perpendicular to each other
Common tangents are drawn to the parabola & the ellipse touching the parabola at A & B and the ellipse at C & D. Find the area of the quadrilateral.
The locus of pole of tangents to the ellipse with respect to the parabola is
Equations of tangents to the ellipse which are perpendicular to the line are
The tangents at the end points of any chord through to the parabola intersect
The equation of the common tangents to the circle and the parabola the x-axis, is
intersect at points A and C. Points O(0,0), A,B (a,0), and c are concyclic. <br> Tangents to the parabola at A and C intersect at point D and tangents to the parabola intersect at point E. Then the area of quadrilateral DAEC is

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