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Question From class 11 Chapter CONIC SECTIONS

The equation of the transvers axis of the hyperbola is (b) (d)

The equation of conjugate axis of the hyperbola is (b) (d) none of these
Find the equation of the radical axis of circles and
Find the eccentricity of the hyperbola with asymptotes and
The equation of the asymptotes of a hyperbola are and , then
Find the eccentricity of the hyperbola with asymptotes .
Solve the following system of equations graphically: <br> .
The focal length of the hyperbola ,is
A-4.The equation of the normal to the curve ya = ax at (a,a) is(1) x + 2y = 3a (2) 3x – 4y+a=0 (3) 4x + 3y = 7a(4) 4x - 3y = aThe CuneyXyy -bas vertical anaand
The equation of the normal to the curve which is parallel to is (b) (c) (d)
Consider the following equation in x and y: How many solutions to with real, does the equation have
The equation of the asymptotes of a hyperbola are , then equations of axes arex
The equation of the acute angle bisector of planes and is (b) (d)

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Analytical definition of hyperbola

Equation of hyperbola in standard form

Various results of hyperbola

Rectangular or equilateral Hyperbola

Difference of Focal radii of any point is equal to the length of major axis

Position of a point with respect to hyperbola

Conjugate hyperbola

Comparison of Hyperbola and its conjugate hyperbola

Auxiliary Circle and eccentric angle

Relation between equation of Hyperbola and major minor axis when axis is not parallel to co ordinate axes

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