The domain of the function `f(x)=(log)_(3+x)(x^2-1)` is

Updated On: 26-3-2021

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00:00 - 00:59 the question is the domain of the function which is effect site and it is equal to log waste 3 + x square minus 1 is let's personal find the domain of log base something and something right so before the soul the cost and you should learn a concept of log which is if law Bass fe and then n is it it is define when n is positive weight is positive but is not equal to 12 if all these conditions are satisfied then this log is define right so in this question we have a lot of a function in law which is law previous eggs near x square minus one
01:00 - 01:59 this by this then you will get the value of a year is three plus x value of an here is x square minus one thread and value of all three condition satisfy a flock then this blog is define it means that showcase first case first e waste is positive Right Fit meals 3 + X is greater than zero right so here we get access get in -3 right now face to face to is not equal to 13 + X is not equal to 1 it means X is not equal to minus 2 right now 33 if n is politics
02:00 - 02:59 value of n is expired -1 is great when jio it can also write as x minus 1 into X + 1 beds get 10 rides on number line rights and find a critical point here with critical point is which is a -1 and 1 if you take the any value which is greater than one then we will get the positive net and if we will take the any value is less than -1 -1 between -1 and 1 let se zero then you will get here minus 1 into 1 + 1 it with a -1 so in this range will get the negative values on website and if we take the value which is less than -1 then always we get positive answer for this expression right but in this
03:00 - 03:59 but in this expression we will take only positive and write it made here X belongs to this interval write it was excellence to a minus infinity to -1 Union 12 Infinity right as you know this log is defined it means all three conditions are satisfied I tried so if all three conditions that is why it means we take intersection of all these conditions that the first of all we draw and write the old critical point we get the critical point it is -1 and 1 write a two and one we get -3 and to which is critical point right so -2 and -3
04:00 - 04:59 so why tasty it is saying that X is lie between minus infinity 21 and 11081 to infinity and minus infinity 21 white case to we get access not equal to two not equal to write and wife first we get access to the -3 right so we get this interval we can say that common area is life in this interval write it mean X belongs to minus infinity 2 - 3 Union
05:00 - 05:59 -22 - 1 Union 12 Infinity right but -2 is not include write final answer of this question write thank you

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The domain of the function `f(x)=(log)_(3+x)(x^2-1)` is The domain of the function `f(x)=(log)_(3+x)(x^2-1)` is The domain of the function `f(x)=(log)_(3+x)(x^2-1)` is Find the domain of the real function `f(x) = 1/(log(2-x))` Domain of the function `f(x)=(1)/(log(2-x))` is Domain of the function `f(x)=sqrt((x-1)/(x-2{x})+ln(3-[x+[2x}})` is given by If f is a real function, find the domain of <br> `f(x)=(1)/(log|x|)` Domain of the function `f (x) (x)/(log _(e) (1+x))`is- Find the domain of the function : `f(x)=sqrt((log)_(10){((log)_(10)x)/(2(3-(log)_(10)x)}}` Find the domain of the function : `f(x)=sqrt((log)_(10){((log)_(10)x)/(2(3-(log)_(10)x)}}` Find the domain of the function : `f(x)=sqrt((log)_(10){((log)_(10)x)/(2(3-(log)_(10)x)}}` Find the domain of the function : `f(x)=sqrt((log)_(10){((log)_(10)x)/(2(3-(log)_(10)x)}}` domain of the function `f(x)=sqrtln(1/|sinx-1|))` What is the domain and range of the function `f(x)=1-|ln(|x|-1)|` Find the domain of the function, `f(x)=log|x|`.

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