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Question From class 6 Chapter KNOWING OUR NUMBERS

The distance between the school and the house of a student is 1km 875m. Everyday she walks both ways between her school and home. Find the total distance covered by her in a week.

he distance between the school and the house of a student’s house is 1 km 875 m. Everyday she walks both ways. Find the total distance covered by her in six days
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A physics professor leaves her house and walks along the sidewalk towards campus. After , it starts to tain and she terurns home. Her distance from her house as a function of time is shown in . <br> <img src="https://d10lpgp6xz60nq.cloudfront.net/physics_images/BMS_V01_C04_E01_052_Q01.png" width="80%">. <br> At which of the labeld points is her velocity <br> a. Zero <br> b. Constant and positive <br> c. Constant and negative <br> d. Increasing in magnitude .
Urmila’s school is at a distance of 5 km 350 m from her house. She travels 1 km 70 m on foot and the rest by bus. How much distance does she travel by bus?
Ramkali required Rs 2500 after 12 weeks to send her daughter to school. She saved Rs100 in first week and increased her weekly savings by Rs 20 every week. Find whether she will be able to send her daughter to school after 12 weeks. What value is generated in the above situation?
A student goes to school with a uniform speed of and returns to his home with a speed of , if the student taken 1 hour in all, then find out find distance between the school and the house.
Shalu cycles to her school at an average speed of 12 km/hr. It takes her 20 minutes to reach the school. If she wants to reach her school in 15 minutes, what should be her average speed?
Bholi had many apprehensions about going to school. What made her feel that she was going to a better place than her home?
Ramkali would need Rs. 1800 for admission fee and books etc., for her daughter to start going to school from next year. She saved Rs. 50 in the first month of this year and increased her monthly saving by Rs. 20. After a year, how much money will she save? Will she be able to fulfil her dream of sending her daughter to school?
Investigate the hygiene conditions in and around your school, house,school canteen, near by hospital/nursing home and restaurant.
Ratio of distance of the school from Mary’s home to the distance of the school from John’s home is 2 : 1. (a) Who lives nearer to the school? (b) Complete the following table which shows some possible distances that Mary and John could live from the school If the ratio of distance of Mary’s home to the distance of Kalam’s home from school is 1 : 2, then who lives nearer to the school?
Sabrina walks home at the speed 8 km/hr and cycles at the speed 13 km/hr. If the total distance she covers is 84 km in 8 hours then find how much distance she walks and cycles?
Ramesh covered km of distance by bus and he walked km distance to reach school from home.How much total distance he covered to reach school.
A boy goes to school from his home at a speed of 4 km/hr and returns at a speed of 6km/hr . If in total he took 5 hours in going and coming back, the distance between his house and school ?
Rani goes to school from her house in 30 minute Raja takes 45 minutes in covering the same distant Find the ratio between time taken by Rani and Raja b. c. d.

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