The coefficent of `x^(n)` in the series `1+(a+bx)/(1!)+(a+bx)^(2)/(2!)+(a+bx)^(3)/(3!)`+…is

Updated On: 24-5-2021

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00:00 - 00:59 hello friends to in this question it is given to me that the coefficient of x to the power n in the series 1 + A + B upon 1 + a + b whole square + A + B whole cube upon 3 factorial is equal to what so from this general my general term and will be equals to A + B and C can see their power is increasing one by one of the leading the general term there after this is also increasing one by one Writing Write a story in this part of to find the coefficient coefficient of X ^ the series now I can write this
01:00 - 01:59 this efficient of this filmi Coefficient so that will be equals to B to B to the power n factorial this will be the coefficient of x to the power n from this I can say that I will be correct

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The coefficent of `x^(n)` in the series <br> `1+(a+bx)/(1!)+(a+bx)^(2)/(2!)+(a+bx)^(3)/(3!)`+…is The coefficent of `x^(n)` in the series <br> `1+(a+bx)/(1!)+(a+bx)^(2)/(2!)+(a+bx)^(3)/(3!)`+…is The coefficient of `x^(n)` in the series `1+(a+bx)/(1!)+((a+bx)^(2))/(2!)+((a+bx)^(3))/(3!)+ . . .` is `1+(a+bx)/(1!)+((a+bx)^(2))/(2!)+((a+bx)^(3))/(3!)+......` के प्रसार में `x^(n)` का गुणांक होगा Coefficient of `x^n` in `1+(a+bx)/(1!) + ((a+bx)^2)/(2!)+ ....oo =` श्रेणी `1+( a+ bx) /( |__1) +( (a+ bx) ^(2))/( |__2) +.........+ ((a+ bx) ^(n))/( |__n ) +.......,` में `x^(n) ` का गुणांक ज्ञात कीजिए| If `alpha` is a real root of the cubic equation `ax^3+bx^2+bx+a=0,` then the value of `lim_(x->1/alpha)tan(a x^3+b x^2+b x+a)/((alphax-1)` is If ` (x-1)^(2)` is a factor of ` ax^(3) +bx^(2) +c` then roots of the equation ` cx^(3) +bx +a=0` may be If ` (x-1)^(2)` is a factor of ` ax^(3) +bx^(2) +c` then roots of the equation ` cx^(3) +bx +a=0` may be The coefficient of `x^(101)` in `1+((a-bx))/(1!)+((a-bx)^(2))/(2!)+`...... is equal to यदि x=1 दोनों समीकरणों `x^(2)+x+a=0` और `bx^(2)+bx+3=0` के मूल हो तब ab= If `(x -2)` is a factor of `x^(2)+bx+1` (where b `in Q)` , then find the remainder when `(x^(2)+bx+1)` is divided by `2x+3`. If the coefficents of `x^(3) ` and `x^(4)` in the expansion of `(1+ax + bx^(2)) (1-2x)^(18)` in powers of x and both zero then `(a,b) ` is equal to `(1)/(x+a)+(1)/(x+b)+(1)/(x+c)+(ax)/(x^(3)+ax^(2))+(bx)/(x^(3)+bx^(2))+(cx)/(x^(3)+cx^(2))` को सरल कीजिए। Simply `1/(x+a)+1/(x+b)+1/(x+c)+(a x)/(x^3+a x^2)+(b x)/(x^3+b x^2)+(c x)/(x^3+c x^2)`

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