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Question From class 6 Chapter OPERATIONS ON WHOLE NUMBERS

The annual fee charged from a student of class VI in a school is Rs. 8880. If there are, in all, 235 students in class VI, find the total collection.

The students of Class VIII of a school donated Rs 2401 in all, for Prime Minister’s National Relief Fund. Each student donated as many rupees as the number of students in the class. Find the number of students in the class.
In a class there are 32 girls. If the fraction of girls in the class is (8)/(11) ,find the total number of students in the class.
The number of girl students in each class of a co-educational middle school is depicted by the pictograph Observe this pictograph and answer the following questions : (a) Which class has the minimum number of girl students? (b) Is the number of girls in Class VI less than the number of girls in Class V? (c) How many girls are there in Class VII?
?? ???????? ??? ????? VIII ?? ??? ?????????? ?? ???????????? ????????? ???? ??? ??? 2401 ?? ??? ??? ??? ???????? ???????? ?? ???? ?? ????? ??? ?? ??? ????? ????? ??? ???????? ?? ? ????? ?? ??????????? ?? ?????? ????? ????? ?
On the occasion if Deepawali festival, each student in a class sends greeting cards to other. If there are 20 students in the class, find the total number of greeting cards exchanged by the students?
In Class XI of a certain school, there are 30 students in a Mathematics class and 20 students in Biolog class. Find the number of students which are in Mathematics class or in Biology class in the following cases: <br> (i) Two classes are conducted at the same time. <br> (ii) Two classes are condcuted at different time and 5 students study both the subject
The students of class VIII of a school donated Rs 2401 for PM’s National relief fund. Each student donated as many rupees as the number of students in the class. Find the number of students in the class.
In a class of 15 students, the total marks obtained by all the students in a test is 600. Find the average mark of the class.
in a class of 240 students , each student got sweets that are 15% of the total number of students. How many sweet were there ?
एक कक्षा में 30 छात्रो की औसत आयु 15वर्ष है । एक छात्र जिसकी आयु 20 वर्ष है, कक्षा को छोड़ देता है । दो नए विद्यार्थी उसके स्थान पर कक्षा में आते है, जिनकी आयु में 5 वर्ष का अंतर है । यदि कक्षा में उपस्थित छात्रो का नया औसत 15 वर्ष हो तो कक्षा में आये छोटे छात्र की उम्र ज्ञात करे :
Let u be universal set of all the students of Class XI of a coeducational school and A be the set of all girls in Class XI. Find .
There are 20 students in a class, of which 8 are boys and the rest are girls. If a student is to be selected from that class, what is the probability that the girl is selected?
Out of 50 students in a class, 20 are students and the rest are girls. One student has to be selected from this class. Find the probability of selecting a student.
In a class, one out of every six students fails. If there are 42 students in the class, how many pass?
In a class there are x seats, If each student occupies one seat, 7 students remain standing and if two students occupy one seat, 7 seats are left empty then number of seats in the class.

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Property of natural numbers

(i) The first and the smallest natural number is 1.

(ii) Every natural number (except 1) can be obtained by adding 1 to the previous natural number.

(iii) For the natural number 1 there is no previous natural number

(iv) There is no last or greatest natural number.

(v) We cannot complete the counting of all natural numbers. We express this fact by saying that there are infinitely many natural numbers.

The number zero

(i) The number 0 is the first and the smallest whole number.

(ii) There in no last or greatest whole number.