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Question From class 12 Chapter TRIGONOMETRIC FUNCTIONS

The angles of a ΔABC are in A. P. (order being A, B, C) and it is being given that b : c = 3 find ZA , then

The angles of a are in A.P. (order being A, B, C) and it is being given that then find
A, B, C are three mutually exclusive and exhaustive events associated with a random experiment. Find , it being given that
Let a determinant is given by and suppose lf then
The angles of a triangle are in and it is being given that , find
If a,b are complementary angles and b,c are supplementary angles. If the average of a and c is , then find .
Let A,B,C, be three angles such that and Find all possible values of such that are the angles of a triangle.
If the angles (in that order) of triangle ABC are in arithmetic progression, and then find the value of .
Find a, b and c if it is given that the numbers a,7,b,23,c are in A.P
If A and B are independent events, prove that the probability of A or B being at least one.
If be three units vectors such that being non-parallel then
Let being consecutive integers and then is
If angles are in then is equal to
In and , it is being given that: and ; , and . If and , find .
The angles of a triangle ABC are in AP and if it is being given the
If then

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Representation of sequences and different types of series

Definition + algorithm to determine the sequence of AP

General term of an AP

term of an AP from the end

The term of the sequence is . Is the sequence an AP. If so; find the 10th term .

If first term is 8 and last term is 20 common diffference is 2 . find the value of n when the series are in AP.

Which term of the sequence is the first negative term ..

Show that the sum of term of an AP is equal to twice the term ?

Show that sum of n terms of an AP with first term a and common difference d is

Find the sum of 20 terms of the AP 1, 4, 7, 10,....