Solve : `(5m^(2)+3m-4)+(3m^(2)+5m+7)-(2m^(2)-4m)`

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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`(3m + 2n -7) + (2m^(2) + 5m + n^(2))` को हल कीजिए। Add the polynomial: `-7m^4+5m^3+sqrt(2),5m^4-3m^3+2m^2+3m-6` खालील बहुपदीची बेरीज करा. <br> `-7m^(4)+5m^(3) +\sqrt{2} , 5m^(4)-3m^(3)+2m^(2)+3m-6` Add the given polynomials. <br> `-7m^(4) + 5m^(3) + sqrt(2), 5m^(4) - 3m^(3) + 2m^(2) + 3m-6` Add the given polynomials:<br> `-7m^4 +5m^3 +\sqrt{2}`, `5m^4 -3m^3 +2m^2 +3m -6`. `3m^(2) + 4m^(2) + 5m + 18` is divided by m- 3 then the remainder will be : Simplify and find the degree of the expression <br> `(4m^2 + 3n)- (3m+ 9n^2 )- (3m^2 - 6n^2 )+ (5m− n)` यदि `m=2` है तो निम्नलिखित के मान ज्ञात कीजिए। <br> (i) `m-2` (ii) `3m-5` (iii) `9-5m` <br> `3m^(2)-2m-7` (v) `(5m)/2 4` If `m=2` find the value of : (i) `m-2` (ii) `3m-5` (iii) `9-5m` (iv) `3m^2-2m-7` If `m=2` find the value of : (i) `m-2` (ii) `3m-5` (iii) `9-5m` (iv) `3m^2-2m-7` Simplify : `8m-[3m-{3m-{2m+3-2(4m-4)}]` If `4m+8`, `2m^(2) + 3m + 6, 3m^(2) + 4m+4` are three consecutive terms of an A.P. Find m. निम्नलिखित समीकरणों को हल कीजिए : <br> `3m=5m-(8)/(5)` If m is a real number such that `m^2 + 1 = 3m`, the value of `(2m^5-5 m^4+2 m^3-8m^2)/(1+m^2)` भाग दें और भागफल लिखें। <br> `3m^(3)+4m^(2)+5m+18` को m+2 से

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