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Question From class 10 Chapter REAL NUMBERS

Simple Interest, Rate, time, Interest and time is same

Simple interest of some money for 2 years at rate ofinterest per annum is . What is the difference in compound interest and simple interest if the rate of interest, time and Principal amount remains the same ?
Find the simple interest, when: (i) Principal= Rs 2000, Rate of Interest= 5% per annum and Time =5 years. (ii) Principal= Rs 500, Rate of Interest= 12.5% per annum and Time =4 years.
Find the principal when Simple Interest = 72, Rate = 3% per annum and Time = 3 months
Find the simple interest when, Principal = 600, Rate = 2% per annum and Time = 20 months
A sum of 2400 amounts to 3264 in 4 years at a certain rate of simple interest. If the rate of interest is increased by 1% the same sum in the same time would amount to(कोई धनराशि किसी साधरण बियाज की दर से 4 वर्ष में रु 2400 से रु 3624 हो जाती है यदि बियाज दर 1 % बड़ा दी जाये, तो उसी समय में वही धन कितने हो जायेगा )
Find the simple interest, when: (i) Principal= Rs 4500, Rate of Interest= 4% per annum and Time =6 months. (ii) Principal= Rs 12000, Rate of Interest= 18% per annum and Time =4 months. (iii) Principal= Rs 1000, Rate of Interest= 10% per annum and Time =73 days.
The rate of interest per annum at which the total simple interest of a certain captial for 1 year is equal to the tota simple interest of the same capital at the rate of 5% per annum for 2 years is:(किसी वार्षिक बियाज दर पर किसी पूँजी का 1 वर्ष पूर्व का साधरण बियाज , 5 % वार्षिक बियाज़ दर पर उसी पूँजी के पूर्व के 2 वर्ष के साधारण बियाज के बराबर है तो बियाज की वार्षिक दर क्या होगी )
The difference between compound interest and simple interest at the same rate on Rs 5000 for 2 years is Rs 72 .The rate of interest per annum is
Principal = Rs 2000, rate=4 paise per rupee, time =3 years. Find Simple interest
In what time will 8000 at 3% per annum, produce the same interest as 6000 does in 5 years at 4% simple interest is?(जितना बियाज 5 वर्ष में 4 % की साधारण बियाज दर पर 6000 का होगा उतना बियाज़ 8000 की राशि पर 3 % प्रति वर्ष की दर पर कितना समय में होगा )
The symbolic form of "simple interest I) is one hundeths of the product principle (I'), time period(T) in years, and rate of interest (R)" is_____.
किसी राशि पर 10 % वार्षिक की दर से 2 वर्ष का चक्रवृद्धि ब्याज रुपया 525 है | उसी राशि पर दोगुने समय तथा आधी दर पर साधारण ब्याज कितना होगा ?
What is the rate of interest pcpa ? <br> Statements: <br> I. The difference between the compoind interest and simple interest earned in two years on the amount invested is Rs.100. <br> II. The amount becomes Rs.19,500 in three years on simple interest. <br> III. The simple interest accured in two years on the same amount at the same rate of interest is
यदि किसी निश्चित धनराशि पर 3 वर्षा के लिए 5 % वार्षिक दर से चक्रवृद्धि ब्याज रुपए 252 . 20 हो , तो समान धनराशि पर, समान समय के लिए समान दर से साधरण ब्याज किंतना है -
The difference between the compound interest (compounded annually) and simple interest, for two years on the same sum at the amount rate of interest is Rs 370. Find the rate of interest if the simple interest on the amount at the same rate of interest for 1 year is Rs 3700.

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RATIO: The ratio of two quantities of the same kind and in the units is a fraction that shows how many times the one quantity is of the other.

RATIO IN THE SIMPLEST FORM: A ratio is said to be in the simplest form if its antecedent a and consequent b have no common factor other than 1.

In a ratio we compare two quantities. The comparison meaningless if the quantities being compared are not of the same kind.

RATIO: The ratio of two quantities of the same kind and in the units is a fraction that shows how many times the one quantity is of the other.

The order of the terms in a ratio is very important. The ratio is different from the ratio .

Divide 108 in two parts in the ratio .

If find the value of .

Comparison of ratios

EQUIVALENT RATIOS A ratio obtained by multiplying or dividing the numerator and denominator of a given ratio by the same number is called an equivalent ratio.