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Question From class 12 Chapter RELATIONS AND FUNCTIONS

Show that if and are one-one, then is also one-one.

Solution :

We are given that functions and are both one-to-one functions.<br> Suppose such that <br> (definition of composition) Since is one-to-one, therefore,<br> <br> And since is one-to-one, therefore,<br> <br> Thus, we have shown that if then <br> Hence, is one-to-one function. <br>

Show that if and are one-one, then is also one-one.
Let and be two functions. Then; (i)if is onto then g is onto; (ii)if is one one then is one-one and (iii)if is onto and is one one then is onto (iv) if is one one and is onto then is one one.
If functions and satisfy then show that is one-one and g is onto.
If are one-one functions, show that is one-one function.
Show that if and are one-one, then is also one-one.
If are one-one functions, then (a) is one one (b) is one one (c) is one one (d)
Let . Then A. range of is B. is one-one C. both and are one-one D. both and are onto
Let be one-one and onto function given by , and . Show that there exists a function such that and
If mapping is one-one onto, then prove that mapping is also one-one onto.
Which of the following statements are incorrect? If are one to one then is also one to one
Consider functions f and g such that composite gof is defined and is one-one. Are f and g both necessarily one-one.
Which of the following statements are incorrect? If and are one-one then is also one-one If and are one-one then is also one-one If is odd then it is necessarily one-one? d.
If are continuous functions in and are differentiable in then prove that there exists at least one for which.
If then (a) one-one and onto (b)one-one but not onto (c)onto but not one-one (d)neither on-one nor onto
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