Show that need not imply .

Updated On: 9-7-2020

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We can show this by taking some example sets.<br> Let,



<br> Then,



even if B is not equal to C.

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Show that `A nnB = A nnC`need  not imply `B = C`.
Show that need not imply .
For three sets A and B, show that : need not imply
Show that need not impl B=C
Show by a numerical example and geometrically also that does not imply
If A= {x : x is a natural number}, B = {x : x is an even natural number} C = {x : x is an odd natural number} and D = {x : x is a prime number }, find (i) (ii) (iii) (iv) (v) (vi)
Let is prime number greater than then number of elements in is
If , show that need not be equal to vec A
Let , and Find , , , and hence show that . .
For any A sets A, B, C and D, prove that: <br>
If are angles of a triangle which of the following will not imply it is equilateral
Show that Does not necessarily mean B = C.
If So verify <br>
If A, B and C are three finite sets, then what is equal to?
Let A,B, C be three mutually independent events. Consider the two statements <br> Then
Show that the following cryptarithms does not have any solution:

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