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Question From class 7 Chapter FRACTIONS AND DECIMALS

Saili plants 4 saplings, in a row, in her garden. The distance between two adjacent saplings is Find the distance between the first and last sapling

Solution :

As there are 4 saplings and distance between two adjacent saplings is m,<br> Distance between first and last sapling .

Shikha plants 5 saplings in a row in her garden. The distance between two adjacent saplings in Find the distance between the first and the last sapling.
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The adjacent sides of a parallelogram are 10 m and 8 m. If the distance between the longer sides is 4 m, find the distance between the shorter sides.
The adjacent sides of a parallelogram are 10 m and 8 m. If the distance between the longersides is 4 m, then the distance between the shorter sides is:
What type of industry are poultry farms and dealing with saplings of plants?
The compound in which the distance between the two adjacent carbon atoms is largest is :
The distance between the school and the house of a student is 1km 875m. Everyday she walks both ways between her school and home. Find the total distance covered by her in a week.
The distance between adjacent, oppositely charged ions is rubidium chloride is 13.285Å 3.139Å . And in potassium bromide is . The distance between adjacent oppositely charged ions in rubidium bromide is:
Find the distance between the points (0, 0) and (36, 15). Can you now find the distance between the two towns A and B discussed in Section 7.2.
Find the distance between points and (2,-3) .
The distance or length of the myofibril between two adjacent z-bands is called
In an organ pipe the distance between the adjacent node is . Find the frequency of source if speed of sound in air is .
Find the maximum distance between two points on the perimeter of a rectangular garden whose length and breadth are 100 m and 50 m.
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What is the average distance between atoms (interatomic distance) in water ? Use the data given in Examples 3 and 4.

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Fraction a fraction is a number representing a part of a whole. the whole may be a single object or a group of objects.

Proper fraction a fraction whose numerator is less than the denominator is called a proper fraction.

Improper fraction a fraction whose numerator is more than or equal to the denominator is called an improper fraction.

Mixed fraction a combination of a whole number and a proper fraction is called a mixed fraction.

Equivalent fraction a given fraction and various fraction obtained by multiplying (or dividing ) its numerator and denominator by the same non -zero number are called equivalent fraction .

Like fractions fractions having the same denominators are called like fraction.

Unlike fractions fractions with different denominators are called unlike fractions.

Fraction in lowest terms a fraction is in its lowest terms if its numerator and denominator have no common factor other than 1.

How to compare fractions?