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Question From class 11 Chapter LIMITS AND DERIVATIVES

Relation between the value of a function at a point and the limit at a point

What is the relation between gravitational intensity and gravitational potential at a point?
Write the relation formula between the two points of a plane progressive wave at the point of time.
(a) State the relation between potential difference work done and charge moved. <br> (b) Calculated the work done in moving a charge of 4 coulombs from a point at 220 volts to another point at 230 volts.
Continuity of composite function at a point
Write the relation for the magnetic field induction at a point due to a linear conductor carrying current and hence deduce the relation for the magnetic field induction at a point due to a very long linear conductor carrying current.
Define differentiability of a function at a point.
Define continuity of a function at a point.
What is the fundamental difference between an relation and a function? Is every relation a function?
Explain gravitational potential at a point and gravitational potential energy of a body in a gravitational field. Establish a relation between them.
Explain the physical meaning of potential and potential difference. Find a relation for electrostic potential at a point due to a point charge.
If is the angle between the velocity and acceleration of a projectile at a point of its path, its value when the projectile is at the highest point is :
A ground to ground projectile is at point A at , is at point B at and reaches the ground at . The difference in heights between points A and B is
Define value of a polynomial at a point.
Let be a continuous function, then , which of the following function(s) has (have) the value for at some point in the interval ?
The intensity of sound at a point A is and that at point B is .What is the difference between the intensity levels at A and B ?

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Define limit what it represents

condition of existence of limit evaluation of right hand left hand limit

Relation between the value of a function at a point and the limit at a point

Limits : Few Examples

The algebra of limits

Introduction of all indeterminate forms

(i) Direct substitution

(ii) Factorisation method (0/0 form)

Limits:Example of factorisation method

(iii) Rationalisation method (0/0 or ∞/∞ form) :