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Question From class 6 Chapter QUADRILATERALS

Regular polygon a polygon is called a regular polygon if all its sides are equal and all its angles are equal.

In a regular polygon, are all the exterior angles equal ?
How many sides does a regular polygon have if each of its interior angles is ?
If all the sides of a polygon are equal, then all its interior angles must be equal. Is the given statement true?
Are the diagonals of a regular polygon equal in length?
What is a regular polygon? State the name of a regular polygon of (i) 3 sides             (ii)  4 sides             (iii)  6 sides
The exterior angle of a regular polygon is one-third of its interior angle. How many sides has the polygon?
Find the number of sides of a regular polygon, if the measure of each of its interior angles is .
If the number of diagonals of a regular polygon is three times the number of its sides, find the number of sides of the polygon.
Can a polygon have the sum of all its interior angles equal to ?
The interior angles of a regular polygon measure each. The number of diagonal of the polygon
If a regular polygon of sides has circum radius and inradius then each side of polygon is:
Interior angle of a regular polygon is , then find its number of sides.
A regular polygon has 20 sides. Find the number of diagonals of the polygon.
A regular polygon of n sides has 170 diagonals. Then n =
A regular polygon has N sides where . Each of its interior angles is an integer in degrees. How many such polygons are possible ?

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Definition let ABC and D be four points in a plane that :(i) not three of them are collinear ; and (ii)the line segments ABBCCD and DA do not intersect except at the their endpoints.

Sides in a quadrilateral ABCD the four line segments AB BC CD and DA are called its sides.

Adjacent sides two sides of a quadrilateral are called its adjacent sides if they have a common endpoint.

Opposite sides two sides of a quadrilateral are called its opposite sides if they do not have a common endpoint.

Diagonals in the quadrilateral ABCD the line segments AC and BD are called its diagonals.

Angles in the quadrilateral ABCD the angles are called its angles. These angles are denoted respectively.

Adjacent angles two angles of a quadrilateral are called adjacent angles if they have a common side as arm.

Opposite angles two angles of a quadrilateral which are not adjacent angles are known as opposite angles of the quadrilateral .

Interior and exterior of a quadrilateral

What is a Convex Quadrilateral?