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Question From class 12 Chapter APPLICATION OF DERIVATIVES

Rate of change in cost and revenue

Revenue From Operations Rs. 4,00,000 , Cost of Revenue from Operations 60% of Revenue from Operation, Operating expense Rs. 30,000 and rate of income tax is 40% . What will be amount of profit after tax?
Cost of Revenue from Operations =
Revenue from operations is Rs. 1,80,000, Rate of Gross Profit is on cost. What will be the Gross Profit?
Explain Principle of Matching Revenue with Cost.
What change in total revenue will result in (i) a decrease in marginal revenue, and (ii) an increase in marginal revenue ?
Explain producer's equilibrium in terms of total cost and total revenue.
"When marginal revenue is positive and constant, both average and total revenue rate", whereas average revenue will be constant.
Revenue from Operations less cost of Revenue froom Operations is called :
From the following total cost and total revenue schedule of a firm. Find out the level of output suing marginal cost and marginal revenue approach , at which at firm would be in equilibrium . Give reasons for your answer. <br> <img src="https://d10lpgp6xz60nq.cloudfront.net/physics_images/SG_MIC_ECO_C08_E01_064_Q01.png" width="80%">
operating ratio 92% operating expenses Rs 64000, revenue from operations Rs 600000, sales return Rs 40000. calculate cost of revenue from opeations(cost of goods soid).
Compute gross profit ratio from the following information: <br> cost of revenue form operations(cost of goods sold) Rs 540000, revenue form operations (net sales) Rs 600000.
from the following information calcualte operating ratio: <br> cost of revenue form operations (cost of goods sold), Rs 600000 <br> Revenue form opertions ,Rs 800000 <br> operating Expenses, Rs 40000
Cash revenue form operations Rs 50000 credit revenue from operations Rs 150000 gross profit 25% on cost closing inventroy was 3 times the opening inventory . Opening inventory was 10% of cost of revenue from operations. Calculate inventroy turnover ratio.
From the following information, calculate operating Ratio: Revenue form operation Rs 680000, Rate of gross profit on cost 25% selling expenses Rs 1440000, Administrative Expenses Rs 73000.

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