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Question From class 12 Chapter THREE DIMENSIONAL GEOMETRY

Proving coplanarity of four points

Coplanarity of points
Find the least value of for which the function is an increasing function in the interval
Any two points A and B of the same circular conductor are connected to one cell, proving that the magnetic field at the center O will be zero.
Isotopes used for proving semiconservative replication of DNA were
Isotopes used in proving semi-conservation replication of DNA were
In the adjoining figure, name : <br> (i) four points <br> (ii) four line segments <br> (iii) four rays <br> (iv) four collincar points. <br> <img src="https://d10lpgp6xz60nq.cloudfront.net/physics_images/NIT_MATH_IX_C05_E01_003_Q01.png" width="80%">
Condition of coplanarity of two lines and equation of the plane containing them
If a circle passes through four points, then the four points are said to be……………………
How is the excessive use of social media and technology proving harmful?
Proving Irrationality of numbers : Prove is a rational number.
Condition for four points to concyclic
Explain any four points regarding significance of principles of management.
Define planning. State any four points of importance of planning.
(0,0,0),(a,0,0),(0,b,0) and (0,0,c) are four distinct points. What are the coordinates of the point which is equidistant from the four points?
The experimental material used by hershey and Chase for proving that DNA controls heredity was

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Coordinates of point in space; sign of coordinates of a point

Distance formula in 3D

Section formula (internal + external)

The x coordinates of a point on the line joining the points Q(2; 2; 1) and R(5; 1; -2) is 4. Find its z coordinate.

Direction cosine and ratio of line

Direction Ratio of line along the bisector of two given lines

Find the distance of the point P(a; b; c) from the x axis

Angle Between Two vectors in terms of direction cosine and direction ratio

Condition of parallel and perpendicular lines

Find the angle between the lines whose direction cosines are given by the equations and